Action Plan If You Feel Infected With COVID-19

Action Plan If You Feel Infected With COVID-19

The new type of virus SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19 is spreading extremely fast, the number of infected people growing each day all over the world and The United States as well. This is why it’s important to be prepared for any outcome and know the action to be performed in case of infecting. Signature Water and Fire Restoration prepared a couple of advice for you to follow in order to receive quick assistance and help if required. All in all, it’s much better to have the action plan and don’t use it than vise versa requires it and not be able to apply.

The First Thing to Be Done: Realize the Danger from Coronavirus

The new virus SARS-CoV-2 haven’t been met before and has already shown itself as a very insidious type:

  • It can live on the surfaces up to 17 days;
  • People don’t feel any of its symptoms during the incubation period which can be very long – up to 14 days, but be contagious during it and spreading virus without evil intention;
  • It’s hardly tracked and quickly spread.

Thus, the danger from this virus cannot be ignored and all respective precautions should be strictly followed.

What’s Known about Coronavirus

The following facts should be considered regarding the new hazard:

  • From the initial infecting to the appearance of the first symptoms the period of 5-14 days can go. In spite of the fact that older people usually feel symptoms faster, the majority can feel nothing or just a slight signs of cold during the incubation period;
  • SARS-CoV-2 can stay active up to 17 days at certain kinds of surfaces which were contacted with it;
  • The main symptoms except for fever are cough and feeling problems with breathing. Additionally, there could be a feeling of fatigue, pain in muscles, diarrhea or nausea;
  • It’s highly recommended do not visit a workplace or other public places (including public transit) in case of feeling of symptoms described above, or have other reasons to think you have been infected with the Coronavirus;
  • Cancel planned travels, especially if there were to the areas with a high infection rate.

An Action Plan for Those, Who Suppose They Were Infected with Coronavirus

Contact your doctor

If you have any reasons to think you have been infected with Coronavirus the first step to be done is calling a doctor. The main reason is to describe the anamnesis and symptoms and be consulted whether it is casual flu or some respiratory disease.

It’s not recommended to visit a doctor without a preliminary call, because you can put at risk all being in the hospital in case of a positive COVID-19 test. Making a simple call you will give medicals a chance to get prepared for your visit and to save older patients from further infecting after your visit. Another reason to give a call is to ask for the best suitable time and rout to avoid spreading the virus.

If you arranged the meeting with a doctor don’t forget to wear a mask and gloves, so chances to spread the virus will become much lower.

Please Practice Self Isolation 

Even if you are COVID-19 positive you can still protect the family and close people from this disease by implementing a self-quarantine. It will include the following measures:

  • Choose another place for sleeping than those previously shared with a spouse. The perfect case, if you’re able to use separate zones for personal hygiene and other activities. If this is not a case try to keep isolation even using shared zones;
  • If it’s possible to find someone healthy for keeping your pets and having walked with them for the period of self-quarantine. In case there’s no such person, ensure you wash your hands properly after each walk and contact with the pet;
  • Apply disinfectants to all surfaces you touched and things you applied, including faucets and doorknobs with a frequency of not less than one-two times per day. Ensure you use EPA registered disinfectants because there are much more powerful against the virus;
  • Order delivery of food, medicine, or other things you need trying do not leave your home. Even if you wear a mask you’re still dangerous for other people.

Remember about Disinfection

To ensure cleaning and disinfection are performed in a proper manner you can do the following:

  • Ensure you use effective solutions and disinfectants approved by CDC & EPA, which are marked as those having a wide spectrum of acting;
  • Ensure all areas and surfaces, where the infected person was, are processed because the virus is spreading actively after simple sneezing, so it can be everywhere. This is why all places should be disinfected;
  • Ensure any material disposed of was previously cleaned, disinfected and removed in a proper manner. The best practice is to dispose of potentially infected materials as biohazard waste, so further no one will be harmed with it;
  • If you are busy with cleaning potentially infected areas and do not have the Coronavirus, please apply specific PPE together with respirators.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration strictly follow all these rules in their work together with other processes regarding COVID-19 demobilization.

Actions after Recovery

Even after the recovery, it is still highly important to ensure the surfaces and areas of being the infected person do not have viruses anymore. This is why it is better to assign this process to the professionals with respective experience, equipment, and expertise.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration is a leading company in Illinois, which also specializes in disinfecting. We strictly follow CDC’s and OSHA’s requirements, have respective certifications apply modern technologies to free the home place from the bacteria and viruses.

Considering the fact COVID-19 is only explored we have a constant connection with regulatory bodies to apply all recommended solutions and tools, which are the most effective against the virus. You can get the additional info or preliminary consultation calling us at 1-224-515-0100.