Data Protection as Part of Hurricanes Resistance

Data Protection as Part of Hurricanes Resistance

continuity. Per the representation of FEMA 25% of small businesses cannot recover after hurricanes, while 40% are not able to reopen immediately.

Speaking about data protection, the good practice is to manage it via the IT Department, which is commonly used by large entities and corporations. Hiring a CIO and professionals allow to create and implement policies and rules centralized, aimed to increase IT and data security, cover risk of data losses or stealing, and make any work with digital information easier.

But such an approach cannot be applied by the majority of small companies, which cannot afford the IT Department but have to make do the same work regarding Data Protection. This is why small businesses are prone to lose their data and suffer from aftermaths, caused by hurricanes or other disasters.

Necessary Steps to Protect the Data

Signature Water and Fire Restoration experts prepared advice on data security and protection for you to follow. Without matter how big is your business, they definitely useful if you do not have the IT Department to handle this for you.

Perform Prioritization

Obviously, the majority of stored data is important to the business, but to avoid scrambling feelings at the minute of the disaster it’s better to make the prioritization and determine the most important files and documents, which should be saved in the first turn. You’ll not be able to do the backup of all the data at the last minute, so try to save in the first turn those, which has crucial importance and may lead to the biggest damage in case they will be lost.

Implement and Test the Backup Strategy

The necessary condition to stay competitive is to rely on information technologies, including installing useful software, high capacity hardware, and secure data storage. Quick access to data is key for successful operating.

At the same time, losing important documents and files business can be devastating and lead to the shutdown. Having a solid backup strategy can save from the excessive scare of a hurricane or other negative events connected with data loss.

Frequent backup procedures minimize the threat of data loss. Although it is not the only measure to be implemented. The correctness of the backup should be tested on a regular basis, so no corruption to the information will happen. Implementing the procedure of regular backups together with ongoing testing may be additional reasons for increasing customers’ trust and having no going concerns. The additional measures to strengthen data storage and protection may include the following:

  • Close cooperation with the I/S team for making regular checks of correct data backups and to ensure the data storage is reliable.
  • Make a preference to the recovery service vendor, if possible, and store the data close to the provider.
  • If you have a short recovery window it could be reasonable to apply electronic vaulting. In such a way data transfers are made extremely quickly (up to several minutes).

The purpose of the abovementioned actions allows you to ensure the data backup was done correctly and the files are accessible after it. So it makes it possible to fully protect the information because the hurricane warning usually is given in advance and you’ll have the necessary time for data transfer. Use the warning period wisely.

Please consider that it would be impossible to use freight or air transportation because they’re usually discontinued when the disaster is expected. This is why it’s important to manage quick data transfer to alternative online storage or server.

Data Protection as Part of Hurricanes Resistance

Facility Protection

Protecting your assets, including facilities is also an important step, allowing you to reopen after the hurricane quickly or restore operations remotely. Ensure you have uninterruptible Power Supply (either generators or batteries) and pumps working with gasoline, which will protect lower levels of the building from the flood.

Take care of windows and other apertures by installing shutters or other protective equipment to save them from debris flying with high speed, which can bring significant damage to the property during a hurricane.

Consider the construction (acquisition) of new facilities away from fault zones and flood plains, so the risk of the flood will be lowered. If you feel the shutdown of some facility is expected notify your team and ensure you all are acting in a frame of the same plan.

Remember about the necessity of the post-procedures to make the re-occupation after the hurricane smoother.

Device Protection

Take care of electronic devices, which are usually used for operating (computers, POS-terminals, printers, phones, etc.). Relocate them to the safe place, which is going to be dry after the hurricane and cover them with some waterproof material. Another 2 options are to hide them in a plastic hermetic container or take them with you to a safer place.

IT Security Audit Is Highly Recommended

A thorough inspection of the current condition of the IT infrastructure may show you deficiencies and areas for improvements. Without knowledge of existing deficiencies business owners should be extra careful in the reliance on IT.

A thorough inspection of the current condition of the IT infrastructure may show you deficiencies and areas for improvements. Without knowledge of existing deficiencies business owners should be extra careful in the reliance on IT.

Additional privileges come down to the recommendations given by the professional IT audit team, following to which you’ll be able to perform an action plan, mitigate deficiencies quickly and effectively, and keep your information safe

Regular Training and Refreshments

The main reason for data loss is human’s behavior,  this is why it’s so important to train employees on IT security. Doing it well and sharing appropriate knowledge you can turn your staff on the key IT security asset.

Although there’s a lot of relevant information in open sources be ready to spend time and resources for conducting detailed training to ensure colleagues are aware of possible risks and steps to remedy it. Do not limit training to the information security subject, train personnel for all possible emergency situations.

Consider training as a critical requirement for providing a high level of IT security at your business. And do not forget to learn more by yourself. The business owner is one, who determines the tone from the top and who should share the knowledge with personnel.

Where to Start From?

The easiest and most effective way to build the IT structure is to hire an outsourcing company. The first reason to involve professionals is developing the IT processes from scratch is an extremely difficult and complex task, which make take all the time of the business owner. Another reason is the importance of specific knowledge and experience. Outsourcing easily resolves the tasks regarding storage, backups, developing data protection and security processes, and so on.

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