How to Minimize Water or Fire Damage in Your Home?

How to Minimize Water or Fire Damage in Your Home?

Here is a few useful advice about what you should not do in case you have water or fire damage issues in your home to minimize risks for you and your family.


If there was any food in your home during a flood or fire, do not eat it. In case of fire, food will surely be damaged by soot and smoke. In the case of floods, damage may be caused by mold. And in both of these cases eating such damaged food is risky for your health and can cause a sick.


Do not touch and use any electrical appliance. You cannot know how flood or fire has damaged the wiring in your home, so it is very risky to use electrical appliances before the electrician specialist checks it out and solve all the issues there. So to make it most safely, please leave all appliances and wait for a specialist.


Do not allow onlookers to come into your house after a fire or flood or during solving damage. It is natural that after a fire or flood numerous of your neighbors would like to see how your home looks like, how serious is damage and so on. But you need to avoid such unnecessary visits and let to enter only those who involved in the process of solving damage issues.


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