How to Prevent a Residential Fire During the Holidays?

How to Prevent a Residential Fire During the Holidays?

All citizens of our country and probably millions of people around the world know about the recent tragic wildfires in California. Most of these people were watching the news every day, empathized with the people who were affected by this disaster, and tried to help and support them. Fortunately, the fire is localized and extinguished.

The recent wildfires in California were a natural disaster, but the holiday season is the time when most residential house fires happen. It clearly shows in the latest statistical data, moreover, this is an unfortunate trend of many years. That is why it is so important to be more than careful with fire safety rules during the holiday. Because the holidays are a time for happiness with your friends and family, it should not be tainted by unpleasant emotions due to a residential house fire.

Fire Safety Rules During Cooking

More than two-thirds of residential house fires begin in the kitchen during the cooking of holiday treats. And what is even more important fact about this, almost all of such residential fires can be easily prevented by the better chef’s awareness.

  1. The most common cause is stovetop, so make sure that you do not leave the stove unattended and do not leave flammable objects near the fire, such as:
    1. Oven mitt;
    2. Towel;
    3. Apron;
    4. Napkins and others.
  2. Please be noticed, that the highest level of risk during cooking causes by frying. The chef always should keep an eye on:
    1. The level of oil, because too much oil in the pan may become a reason for its dangerous significant splashing;
    2. The temperature level;
    3. Using a lid for the pan covering.
  3. In the case of the oven using, make sure that the timer is set because it can save the food from burning and the kitchen from fire.
  4. Make sure that all smoke detectors are working and that there is an extinguisher in the kitchen or near it.
  5. Keep in mind that cooking is the most common reason for residential house fires not only during the holidays, so it will be more than wise to follow these fire safety rules always.

Fire Safety Rules During Using the Christmas Tree

Most people will agree that the Christmas tree is one of the most attributes of the holidays, especially if it is a live tree. But it also can become a reason for significant residential fire, so here are the major fire safety rules:

  1. Live trees need to be properly watered because they begin to dry out immediately after the cut. A dry tree can easily catch fire from any source, such as faulty light. That is why it is so important to water a tree every day;
  2. Make sure that the Christmas tree is placed far enough from any source of fire or heat, such as a fireplace.

Fire Safety Rules During Using the Decorative Lights

  1. The most important safety rule in using outdoors or indoors decorative lights is to not use old lights. If you noticed that your lights look frayed, have compromised sockets, or many bulbs missed, the best way is to replace it. Fortunately, string decorative lights are not expensive, so there are no reasons to increase the level of residential fire by using the old lights;
  2. Do not staple or nail the decorative light, always clip them up;
  3. Do not leave the outdoor lights up all year, it can be dangerous because of the elements and wildlife.

Fire Safety Rules During Using the Fireplace

  1. It will be more than wise to inspect and clean the chimney before the holidays when the fireplace will be used the most active;
  2. Make sure that stockings are placed high enough;
  3. Use a safety screen for the fireplace to protect the family members and pets.

Fire Safety Rules During Using Candles

  1. Do not leave burning candles unattended and always make sure that all of them are put out before going to sleep;
  2. Make sure that all of the candles are placed far enough from any flammable objects.

Please be aware and follow all of the residential house fire safety rules during the holidays to prevent such a disaster. But in case your residential house faced fire, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration to let our team solve this issue and restore all of the damaged areas. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.