How to Protect Your Family and Property from Fire Hazards?

How to Protect Your Family and Property from Fire Hazards?

Restoration of the residential house that faced fire damage is a very challenging, nervous, and costly process. And even this scenario is not the worst because the fire can easily become the cause of you and your family injuries that may lead to serious health issues and even death. That is why it is so important to know how to protect yourself, your family members, and your property for such a disaster.

Happily, the most common reasons for the fires in the residential houses are known and you can use precaution to minimize the risk or even prevent the fire in your home. Below you will be able to find tips that help you in preventing the fire and protecting your family and property.

Helpful Tips for Residential House Fire Preventing

In the case, you will inspect your house for fire hazards that might be potentially dangerous, you probably identify at least a couple of them, such as:

  • The smoke detector requires new batteries by flashing;
  • The power strip has too much dust caked on it, etc.

So let’s what else hazards you can find and what precautions need to be done.

Fire Hazards in the Kitchen

Let’s start from the kitchen because according to the latest statistic information most residential house fires start in the kitchen. And there is nothing surprising in this fact, isn’t it?

So here is a least of tips to keep your kitchen safe:

  • All of the flammable objects, such as paper towels, towels, curtains, etc., need to be kept away from stove burners;
  • Make sure that the ventilation holes of your microwave are clear and have not blocked by anything;
  • In the case, you faced a grease fire, do not try to put it out by the water;
  • Make sure that there is a working extinguisher located in easy reaching area in the kitchen.

Fire Hazards from Electrical and Heating Systems

Since these two systems commonly coincide, let’s explore what fire hazards may be caused by them:

  • All of the flammable objects need to be kept at least three feet from the space heater;
  • Multiple heating appliances cannot be plugged into a single outlet;
  • Regular cleaning of the fireplace is required;
  • Regular inspection of electrical wiring is required and in case of identifying signs of damage or fraying it should be changed as soon as possible;
  • Power loads and outlets cannot be overloaded.

Fire Hazards from Other Appliances

Appliances in your home are making your everyday life easier, but they also may become the cause of residential house fire without proper maintenance, such as:

  • Regular inspection and maintenance of each appliance is required, take special attention for dryer;
  • Regular cleaning of the lint screen on the dryer will help to minimize the risk of its fire.

Safety Tips in Case You Faced a Fire

You need to be prepared for such a disaster and make sure that all of your family members, especially children, are educated about the proper action plan in such a situation.

  • Escape plan and routes need to be created and all family members need to practice at least once per six months;
  • First of all, you need to rescue and make sure that all of your family members and pets are in safe, and only after that you can try to rescue possessions;
  • Before firemen come, try to minimize the area of the fire, if it is possible;
  • In the case of significant smoke contamination, to move safety you need to lay down on the floor and crawl;
  • Remember to test door handles for signs of fire on the opposite side.

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