How to Remove Mold from Commercial Property

How to Remove Mold from Commercial Property

No matter what kind of business do you have and where do you do it, mold is a huge concern. Many types of it are toxic, especially the black mold, which produces a mycotoxin spreading it in the air. Inhaling of such air in the area affected by black mold leads to respiratory diseases, including headaches and difficulties in breathing. Slowly rising from high humidity mold becomes noticeable in the form of fuzzy spots on the walls, which requires thorough cleaning.

A commercial environment isn’t a place for mold. It can damage not only the employees’ and customers’ health but also a reputation. Commercial property should have the mold removal process to keep business successful and have no going concerns.

5 Steps to Remedy Mold

The mold appearance can be caused by any simple action leading to excessive moisture, like spilling the tea or coffee at the carpet and do not remove it from there or ignoring minor leakage in the toilet, which easily can bring the mold between tiles or at the drywall. For all these and similar cases the mold remediation process in place can be the key to its removal and resolving the problem of its spread. This process may include the following steps to be performed by the restoration team.


Before starting to do any removal work the complete assessment should be performed to identify the damage degree and relevant scope of future actions. The difficulties come down to mold’s extremely small size, the ability to stay unnoticed during a long time, and the places of growth, like иbacks of the walls, joints, and other hard-to-reach places. Involving the professionals to the process will allow identifying every source and instance of it and properly assess the damage.


If you plan to claim insurance reimbursement the damage and the entire situation should be properly documented with supporting photos and reports regarding mold infestation.


Mold is dangerous because once it appeared it continues to grow and spread even if the water damage event is resolved weeks ago. It would be helpless to handle the initial source when the mold spread at the entire premises. This is why its necessary to perform complex mitigating activities involving a professional team, if possible.


Whatever was affected by mold it requires thorough cleanup. Not only the surfaces, like walls and floors but furniture and even documents should be processed.


When the mold is cleared from your facilities the repairs of damaged things and materials can be performed, including drywall, ceiling, flooring, etc.

Commercial Property Against Mold

The mold problem is connected to its quick and quiet growth, which can bring significant detriment to the business over a short period. Even less harmful types of mold can be dangerous bringing disruptions to the business and harm to employees’ health. It explains the importance of the immediate call to the restoration team at the moment the problem noticed.

When it comes down to your business every minute is valuable. Signature Water and Damage Restoration provides service 24/7, including mold remediation. If you experienced water damaged or noticed mold at your premises call us at +1-224-515-0100 and our technicians will come to help you ASAP.