Saving Carpets from Mold

Saving Carpets from Mold

Mold is such a type of fungus, which can grow at any type of surface. Carpets belong to the surfaces, which used to suffer from it a lot bring many inconveniences to householders. This is why Signature Water and Fire Restoration gathered 3 useful tips to save health and property preventing mold growth at your carpets. Here are they:

Be accurate with places where leakages or some water spilling where noticed. The main point is to prevent standing water by gathering it and removing it as soon as it was noticed. It is considered to be a good idea to dry air and help it circulate better applying a fan at the areas suffered from the water, thus mold will not have any chances for growth.

Monitor the humidity level in the house. The mold breeding requires a high humidity level. Thus if it achieved an indicator, which is higher than 60% the probability to find mold in a carpet significantly increases. The goal is to prevent and avoid the combination of high temperatures (over 80 degrees) and high humidity level (over 60%).

If the problem of the mold is known and often comes at the house, it would be probably a wise decision to consider changing floor surfaces. Such options as a wooden floor or using a tile significantly decrease the risk of mold appearance.

Except for self-care, the good idea is to involve experts in case of floods or leakages noticed. This can help to handle water damage, fix the issue in a short period and avoid negative consequences.

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