Tornado Alley: Facts and Statistics

Tornado Alley: Facts and Statistics

While the tornado is considered to be among the most dangerous and lethal disasters, we still know a few about it. The reason is hidden in the danger related to discovering and learning the tornadoes, which is much more terrifying and deadliest as the phenomenon itself. The place where the majority of studies happen is called the Tornado Alley and is located just in the USA.

The Currently Known Facts

The natural strength and indomitability are fascinating, which explain huge interest over tornados. As the result, some people are chasing the cyclones, observing them, and recoding for further research. Not only the scientists are among people devoting lives to tornados, but many of the livers of Tornado Alley.

The Tornado Alley name appeared for the first time in 1952 from the name of the research of severe weather fronts of the area between Oklahoma and Texas performed by USAF meteorologists Robert Miller and Ernest Fawbush.

In 1925 3 states in the USA were affected by the most fatal tornado, called Tri-State Tornado. It didn’t become a telltale funnel cloud and stayed totally invisible. With a speed of 60-70 miles per hour, it went through 220 miles over Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri states caused more than 16 million dollars property loss, brought 700 dies, and 2000 injuries.

In May 2013 El Reno, state Oklahoma faced the widest twister in US history. Tornado’s peak was about 2.6 miles in width.

9 years earlier the Hallam, Nebraska suffered from a tornado of 2.4 miles width.

April 27 in 2011 brought the highest number of tornadoes in history. 207 twisters went through Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee that day. As the result, 319 people died and 2839 were injured.

Except for Tornado Alley, the Dixie Alley (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina) are prone to severe tornadoes. Starting from 2011 the number of outbreaks in these places can rival each other.

The phenomena of a tornado is still under the study so nowadays forecasts in relation to them still have 70% of predicted, but not happened disasters. Comparing to the past tries to predict the weather in part of tornadoes this is the best probability match.

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