6 Crucial Cleaning Measures for School Premises

6 Crucial Cleaning Measures for School Premises

People who visit the school regularly for work or studying know how messy it can be there. Occasionally appeared events may break the hygiene and become the reason for vandalism. Thus, there is a diversity of cleaning and disinfecting measures for maintaining a safe environment at school. The essential 6 of them are listed below.

Biohazard Cleaning

Children are very active and continuously interact with each other. Sometimes these interactions cause traumatic incidents with blood, saliva, tears, and so on. Body fluids require specific treatment as they can be a serious biohazard.

Another source of biohazard comes from the labs or science workshop when negligence causes hazardous chemicals to spill. This should be treated immediately and in a specific way, depending on the type of chemical. Protecting students and teachers from health hazards, and protecting the school’s property from damage is possible only by responding to the problem correctly and timely.

Bacterial and Viral Control

One of the essential safety purposes is to provide a hygienic and clean environment for students and teachers during the academic year. This prevents different illnesses and gets takes on special significance in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bacteria and viral control can be achieved by providing high cleaning and hygienic standards and frequently realized respective procedures. Depending on the square and number of school premises it is important to define the best fittable size of cleaning teams which could follow the cleaning schedule and perform thorough disinfecting of all potentially hazardous surfaces.

Hard Floor Restoration

The tricky thing about the floor is that failing to perform the required repairs may cause trauma to students or teachers. Thus, it doesn’t matter what kind and degree of damage happened to the floor at the school premises, whether water or fire damage restoration is required or just the regular maintenance job. Don’t postpone floor repairs, keep it in a good condition, and call your local restoration team for advice in case of any doubts.

Ventilation Duct Cleaning

The Health and safety of people at school significantly depend on the condition of the ventilation ducts. Blocked, dirty, and damaged ducts may become a reason for respiratory illnesses and headaches by release into the air hazardous micro parts as well as by the impossibility to provide fresh air into the building.

Ventilation duct cleaning is not an obvious step among others performed in order to provide a safe environment. It’s worth remembering that fresh and safe air is vital for everyone and this step can’t be disregarded.

Blast Cleaning & Graffiti Removal

It’s difficult to imagine an average school without at least several graffiti. Sometimes they’re easy for removal, but some may become a real eyesore, thus professional service with blast cleaning equipment may be required.

Blast cleaning is extremely helpful when it is necessary to clean large spaces quickly, like for example facades, playgrounds, or parking.

Commercial Kitchen Clean

When it comes to the purpose of bacteria and viruses prevention the special treatment to the kitchen is an essential step. The high cleanup and hygienic standards are a must together with controlling measures on their realization.

Some large schools may have several kitchens including students’ canteen, teachers’ canteen, and specific classrooms where home economics or catering classes are held. Thus it’s crucial to keep extreme cleanliness and sanitizing at these premises to achieve a high level of hygiene and safety. It’s easy to achieve in cooperation with the commercial cleaning team, who will take the responsibility and give you guarantees in high results.

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