Are There Any Reasons to Worry If I Found Mold Under the Carpet?

Are There Any Reasons to Worry If I Found Mold Under the Carpet?

When most homeowners are going to fight the mold growth, they start from the bathroom, especially between the tiles, or from the attic, or walls and ceiling. But only a couple of percent of homeowners is going to check the areas under carpets. Because only this couple of percent of homeowners know that it is one of the most common areas for mold growth.

Since the mold loves wet spaces and can grow extremely fast, the carpets in your residential house can become the perfect place for it. And then it is really challenging to handle this issue.

How to Identify the Mold Growth in Your Carpets?

Happily, the mold growth will be surely identified by a careful and attentive homeowner. And the earliest stage of mold growth it will be, the easier it will be to handle the issue. So let’s see what signs can let you know that there is a time to fight mold growth under your carpets.

Here is a list of such signs:

  1. Unpleasant odors. The person who at least once has been faced the mold growth knows this musty odor that mold releases in the air with toxins and spores. The strong odor will let you know that you are close to the mold colony.
  2. In case you or one of your family member has an allergy, mold growth can affect its symptoms, namely to increase them ten times. So if symptoms went from just cough to watery eyes, irritation of the throat, chronic coughing, and so on, it is a sign that you have the mold colonies in your house.
  3. Colorful spots on the carpet. In case you noticed such spots on your carpets, you surely have a deal with the mold growth. These spots can have different colors, but usually, they are green or black.
  4. Wet carpet. In case your carpet affected by water damage because of the high content of the moisture, water leak, or flooding that recently has occurred in your residential house, and carpet stay wet for a day or longer, there is a high risk of mold growth.

Why Carpets Are the Most Common Place for the Mold Growth?

The well-known fact that mold is able to grow in any place in the world if there are food sources and moisture. So, in case your carpet stays wet for a long time, here is moisture for mold growth. And the fabric that the carpet made by is a great food source for the mold colony. Moreover, carpets perfectly collect and retain moisture and dust that helps mold to grow. So even the most dangerous type of mold, namely the black mold, can easily grow in your carpets.

How to Fight the Mold Growth in Your Carets?

It is obviously understandable that the first thing that you as a homeowner would like to do once you noticed the mold growth in your carpet is to remove it. But the process of removing the mold from the carpet is much more challenging than you may imagine. And moreover, please do not forget that mold’s toxins are dangerous for your health.

So the best way to hire certified professionals from Signature Water and Fire Restoration for such a hard job. So if your residential house in Illinois affected by mold growth, please feel free to call us as soon as you noticed that. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.