Carpets: Why You Can’t Leave It Without Thorough Cleaning?

Carpets: Why You Can’t Leave It Without Thorough Cleaning?

You’ll wonder how many things can carpet hide inside if it was left without thorough cleaning. Invisible particles that are impossible to note with a naked eye require special treatment.

The tricky thing about these particles is that you regularly contact them by walking, sitting, or even laying on the carpets. Thus, keeping a hygienic and healthy environment at home is the best argument to make thorough carpets cleaning a frequent event.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration team share helpful tips from our experts on why these particles are necessary to remove and how to do it in an effective manner.

What Are Dangers Hidden In the Carpet?

Considering carpets structure you can find many interesting and frightening things in its fluffy fiber. The most dangerous things are the least obvious.


Untidy carpet is a favorable area for bed bugs and fleas. These bugs bring suffer to pets and people with their bites and significant skin irritation as the result. Another regular occupant of dirty carpets is dust mites. They don’t bite. Instead, they poison the air with micro waster causing respiratory problems to people.


We bring different bacteria with the shoes including E.Coli or even pneumonia family bacteria. Without regular cleaning and removal, these bacteria start breeding and can turn on the health hazard.


The microparticles of allergens can get into your place through windows, clothes, and shoes you wear on the walks or even fall from your hair after time spent outdoors. As the result, the carpet becomes a place that gathers allergens. When they gathered at a significant amount it can become a disaster for homeowners and their families, who suffer from allergies. Except for microparticles, pet hair is one of the allergens which accumulates inside the carpets and requires frequent removal as well.

Chemical Traces

New carpets have also a significant portion of the chemical traces from the production, thus must be cleaned before fitting. For carpets placed in the hallways, the danger of chemical traces appearance is higher, because can appear from shoes as well.

Mud and Dirt

The most obvious things which are brought with shoes and the last ones we’ll mention are dirt and mud. Some can be easily noted and cleaned, but some can be absorbed by carpets fabric and require special treatment.

Deep Carpets Cleaning: Safe Ways

The safest and the most effective way to clean carpets is to apply professional equipment, substances, and protective clothes. At the same time, understanding that the majority of homeowners don’t have it all, The Signature Water and Fire Restoration team recommends using the following methods for making carpets clean, fresh, and de-odorized.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a good sorbent, thus can make a miracle to your deeply contaminated carpets. Spread it to the entire carpet and leave for a night. All pollution will be absorbed by soda and it will be easy to gather with the vacuum cleaner, leaving clean carpeting with a fresh smell.

Carpet Cleaning Solutions

The household chemical market offers a variety of cleaning solutions, including carpets shampoo. They have detailed user manuals and they don’t require heavy machinery for further cleaning. All you’ll need is time, a brush, and warm water. Depending on the carpet’s size it can take lots of effort, but the result will be worth it.

Call Professionals In Case of Doubts or Difficulties

Some stains are too difficult to remove. Some owners require thorough professional cleaning with disinfection and guarantees on work quality. For all such ways, the best decision is to call a professional company.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration has deep knowledge and expertise and can easily help to deal with any grade pollution. Call us at +1-224-515-0100 and get your clean and fresh carpets in an extremely short time. We know how to make proper cleaning and life safer.