Leaving No Mess: Importance of Post Tenancy Cleaning and Void Property Exit Cleaning

Leaving No Mess: Importance of Post Tenancy Cleaning and Void Property Exit Cleaning

It doesn’t matter who will perform a cleaning of the residential property: a tenant, who leaves it, or an owner. The main point is to prepare space for new potential residents. Let’s see what steps void property exit cleaning includes, why is it important and to whom, and how can it be managed.

What Does Void Property/Post Tenancy Cleaning Mean?

When the tenants are moved on and leave the property the chances it will be rented again for new people are high. Thus, there’s a necessity to perform a cleaning in order to prepare the house for new lodgers to enter. The cleaning can be arranged by either former tenants or owners and can have a different degree of diligence varying from quick cleaning to thorough cleaning with complex repairs.

What Are Property Exit Cleaning Steps

Sometimes it can be difficult to define where to start from and what steps to include in cleaning to make the building ready for new residents, especially when the aim is to present a spotless shining space for potential tenants. Signature Water and Fire Restoration team recommend the following:

  • Accidental damage restoration, which at a minimum includes cleaning and restoration of surfaces (flooring, carpeting, furniture, and so on);
  • Water damage cleaning and restoration, which at a minimum includes removal of water excess and drying, mold removal and prevention;
  • Fire damage restoration and cleanup, which at a minimum includes removal of soot, smoke, garbage disposal, restoration of structures and furniture;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration;
  • Blast cleaning which is indispensable for facade cleaning or cleaning of surfaces with big square;
  • Antivirus and biohazard decontamination
  • Trauma scene cleaning.

Few Words About Property Exit Cleaning Importance

First of all, you never know what happened during your absence and how careful were tenants with the property, thus the inspection and following restoration are always required.

The second reason is marketing. It’s easier to find tenants for a clean and nice property.

Cleaning By Yourself vs Professional Cleaning

When you choose cleaning by yourself you should ensure the following criteria are met:

  • you have enough time and sources for the process;
  • you know how to make cleaning thorough and safe for future tenants and miss nothing in it.

Another common challenge that couldn’t be fought by yourself is the simultaneous cleaning of several objects before new tenants’ entrance.

To handle these concerns the majority of property owners prefer to hire a professional cleaning team. In such a case the additionally achieve:

  • faster results with better quality;
  • guarantees and responsibility;
  • prompt deals with new tenants with no idle time, which allows gaining faster.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration team provide qualitative services for property owners in part of Tenancy Cleaning and Void Property Exit Cleaning. Our experienced technicians together with heavy equipment guarantee you the best results in a short period. We’re ready to work 27/7 for you, including weekends to help you get prepared for the property reviews and dealings.

We have wide expertise in any type of required work, including biohazard and trauma scene cleaning, so the property you rent out will be completely safe for new residents and will make the best impression to choose it among many others.

If you still have questions call us at +1-224-515-0100 and we’ll provide you with any answer you need. We’re always opened and ready to help you 24/7.