Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage

Any water damage is a disaster. Commercial water damage can deprive you of operational property for a while, but also can deprive you of earnings. The prompt response to the water damage is essential for minimizing negative effects. It can be achieved with the knowledge of the main reasons for water damage that happened to commercial property, ways to detect these reasons, and methods allowing to handle the first signs of water damage.

Sources of Water Damage and the Way to Handle It


There could be plenty of reasons explaining how can pipes broke, burst, or became damaged in another way. The most common are low temperatures and high pressure.

To identify whether the source of the water damage is in pipes check the ceiling, floor, and walls on wet stains. Additionally, unusual musty odors or cracked tiles can also evidence problems with pipes.

When some of these signs were noted, call water damage restoration professionals ASAP, so the exact location will be found and repair works will be started before the little issue will become a huge problem.

You can try to find where the problem is located by yourself, but the advantage of the certified experts comes to heavy equipment used for leakage detection and restoration, and the possibility to miss something is extremely low.


Sprinkler systems cause similar water damage as a broken pipeline. At the same time, similar signs support the sprinkler leaking problem. This is why it is important to involve certified specialists for investigation, all you can do on your own is to regularly check these systems about leakages to react to the problem rapidly or prevent it at all.


Stormy winds, hurricanes, rains, snowfalls, trees fallen on it ruin the roof and become the common reason for its damage. Another thing leading to issues with roofs is improper maintenance and lost shingles.

The effects of these destructions come down to the water which easily gets inside the building and damages the ceiling, excessive moisture level, and mold.

A regular check of the roof conditions and frequent maintenance can save you from these troubles.


Another source of water damage problems comes to damaged windows or old seals. They allow rainy water to get into the premises.

Ignoring this problem can lead to moisture increase, mold, wood warping, and other effects of water damage.

Include windows maintenance to the list of necessary maintenance work and ensure seals are regularly replaced.


if you live in areas suffering from storms and hurricanes there’re not many things you can do with this, except for similar precautions for protecting the commercial property from water damage.

Ensure your property has a well-working drainage system, clean gutters regularly, and remove debris from them.

Develop a remediation plan for times, when disaster comes, to be ready for it, and resolve issues promptly.

The commercial property is damaging by water in a different way than residential. Excessive water that came to the premises, leaks, and floods, water damage caused by firefighting is a hazard for employees’ health, customers’ health and is supported with significant financial losses connected with temporary closure and costs for repairs. Thus, timely remediation is very important.

This is why cooperation with a team of professional experts represented by restoration companies is a reasonable step to act effectively.

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