Water Damage Restoration Guide: How to Remove Water and Recover after Flood

Water Damage Restoration Guide: How to Remove Water and Recover after Flood

When the flood stopped property destruction there’re still a lot of things to do. Signature Water and Fire Restoration knows several tips to be efficient in flood recovery. The first from such things is to get rid of the water on the premises and then make clean up together with restoration. Refer below to the simple Guide to do this.

Emergent Things to Do

News about the destruction caused by floods became a regular topic on TV and it is always scary. But it much more frightening when it happened to you directly and the story shows your house suffered from the water disaster. What to do? What actions to take to restore the premises, valued property, and finally get back to a familiar way of living?

Although the situation is exhaustive and horrible, certain steps exist which together with strong efforts can serve to eliminate water from home, make necessary repairs, and return comfort. Nevertheless, the main advice is to invite a competent water damage restoration company to make recovery smoother.

Do’s & Don’ts regarding Water Flood

  • Don’t think the waterflood is a safe liquid, it’s rather probable it’s contaminated and can bring hazards to human health.
  • Do not have direct contact with the waterflood, protect kids and pets from it as well.
  • Use waterproof PPE, at least put on boots and gloves.
  • When the flood stopped spend some time disinfecting surfaces.
  • If you have skin cuts protect them and wash them carefully after each contact with waterflood effects.

Water Removal Guidance

Standing water removal is the highest priority when it comes to handling flood effects. Make efforts and perform them ASAP. The quickest way to do this would be to contact partnering water damage restoration company, but waiting for it you can take any of these 3 actions:

  • use the special wet shop vacuum. Ensure the filter is removed before you started to work. Do not use the usual vac.
  • use a sump pump;
  • at least gather the water with a towel and bucket.
  • Anyway, follow safety measures and ensure you follow instructions provided by producers of the equipment used.

Take Care of Drainage Areas

Do not think your yard’s ground will not let water through it. Take the rule to make regular cleaning of the drains and, if necessary, create additional channels for water to move it out around the yard. Such a necessity may appear if you noticed standing water on a rainy day.

Another risk to be considered is that floodwater can gather debris like dirt, small garbage, and leaves and move it into gutters. Take care of them and remove garbage frequently. This will allow gutters to let the water go directly via sewers without blockages and leaks.

Water Damage Restoration Guide: How to Remove Water and Recover after Flood

Drying the Premises

When the water removal process has been completed, the drying of the house can be started. You can do it using natural sources, like wind and sun, home appliances, or other equipment.

Using sun power. Put as much damaged property as it’s possible outside, where it can be dried naturally by the sunrays. Ensure you chose the area which is properly ventilated and where the natural wind can affect it as well.

For the rest of the property, which cannot be relocated outside use home appliances: fans complemented with dehumidifiers. Put fans close to windows or doors, letting them be strengthened by natural air and additionally turn on the ceiling fans, if possible. In such a way the drying process will go more effectively.

Please note, that more complex drying of the premises requires the involvement of the professional water restoration services, which can detect and get rid of moisture from places invisible to the average eye.

Detecting Trapped Dirt and Water

There’re some areas, which are hardly noticeable from the first sight. The water or mud there can get into a trap. Perform a thorough investigation regarding these places and clear them from debris. To such places relate:

  • baseboards;
  • outlet covers;
  • places where appliances and cabinets are set.
  • Free them from water and use fans to dry them.

In the case of disregarding these recommendations, be aware that these places are perfect for mold breeding, which can become dangerous, and what is even more unpleasant, hard to get rid of.

Hazards from Trapped Water

The hazard brought by standing water is obvious, this is why homeowners strive to clean it up immediately and start repair works. But often the attention to the hidden places is lower which brings significant risks to the household connected with safety, health, and simple comfort.

Structural Risks

Water stuck at walls leads to rot in posts and house supports. These risks bring the danger of house destruction.

Mold Risks

There’re plenty of mold types, some of them can produce poisoned spores, which are toxic to people and become reasons for serious diseases. This is why it’s highly important to detect all hidden locations where the after could be trapped and dry them. Additionally, apply the bleach to these areas to kill invisible spores, in case they’ve already appeared.

If you leave some moisture untreated the place automatically becomes hospitable for breeding mold spores. So the obvious decision to avoid fatal mistakes would be to contact the service company to get help and assurance the mold was totally removed. Don’t think you can do it by yourself, it’s impossible without sufficient expertise and heavy equipment.

Capital Decrease

In fact the market value of the houses affected by floods in lower. But it can be avoided with prompt and careful treatment of waterflood effects. The main point is to act rapidly and thoroughly, otherwise, the house will be unsuitable for living and will lose in its cost respectively.

Having Your Home Dried and Restored

A flood is rather severe in its consequences, but following the guide shared by Signature Water and Fire Restoration, you’re able to restore it. Using some appliances like dehumidifier combined with fans and sump pumps combined with wet vacs you can remove the water and properly dry premises.

If you find the task difficult don’t hesitate to call +1-224-515-0100 and get the help of Signature Water and Fire Restoration specialists for getting back normal and comfortable life.