Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup Guide

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup Guide

The fire appeared in the house can happen in two ways: being an isolated event by happening at the limited space or affect all premises becoming a full-blown fire. The isolated fire usually happens to the kitchen, locations with either the fireplace or installed heater, so the abovementioned areas suffer the most. Although the house damage caused by a full-blown fire hard to predict, it will be certainly huge making the recently cozy place uninhabitable and destroying warm memories.

The good news is that the restoration after the fire and smoke damage is possible. Although it’s impossible to restore all things, bringing back normal life is an achievable aim.

Guide on the Fire Damage Restoration

Calling a trusted restoration company for fire and damage restoration is essential for returning to the usual way of living. The good-quality service usually includes friendly experienced staff, professional equipment, and strong motivation to rescue suffered people from the exhaustive circumstances that happened to them. The process of restoration basically consists of several steps with the same aim.


Before starting any work the assessment of the happened damage should be done. The technicians will need to inspect the premises, assess the scope of the work required, and conclude on the damage remediation plan.


When the plan of the restoration exists the remediation actions can be taken. As the fire strikes all houses’ systems, technicians will be required to turn them all off, including water, electricity, and gas supply. The separate step is to ensure no gas leakage exists. When all of these have been performed the smoldering can be removed.


When the fire and smoldering were stopped the cleanup process applying the professional equipment brought by technicians can begin. The cleanup process includes removing the excess water left by firefighters, dust, smoke, and soot. The water damage restoration is also included in the scope of the work performed at this stage.


The last step is to restore those things of furniture, surfaces, and other house components. Some restoration teams even can help you with the walls painting or wallpaper gluing.

Few Words about the Equipment

It’s hardly imaginable to perform fire and smoke restoration jobs without using professional equipment. Technicians usually use the following:

  • Special HEPA Vacuums, which transcripted as High-Efficiency Particulate Air and are aimed to trap the smallest particles of soot or dust with their specific filters.
  • Air Scrubber is aimed to clear air from smoke smell making it clean, fresh, and safe.
  • Negative Air Fan is aimed to clear air from the contamination by affecting the negative pressure.

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