Home Cooking Fire Prevention

Home Cooking Fire Prevention

According to NFPA statistics, the majority of fires were caused by cooking without adherence to simple safety rules. The danger of cooking fire increases during holidays, when the families get together for dinner around the country. The top reason for the fire cause in the kitchen is inappropriate attention to the dishes which are cooked. Although it is usually enough to keep the kitchen clean and be attentive to things performed there.

What Are Dangerous Factors to Be Considered?

Without carefulness, there are big chances to get into trouble connected to the fire. The common reasons are:

  • Malfunctions in cooking equipment, which is the leader of the chart of reasons for the fire, which may lead to homes destruction, injuries, and death;
  • The ignitions of the clothes as the result of lost carefulness during cooking is in second place among lethal accidents;
  • Equipment left turned on without proper attention is also in the top of reasons caused fires and has the highest death ratio in the fires;
  • Frying got also in high risks activities performed at the kitchen.

Simple Safety Measures to Follow

Happily, fires that appeared during cooking are among those, which easily can be prevented. One of the key requirements is to stay careful and attentive. The others are the following:

  • Use common sense and do not start cooking feel too tired or being affected by alcohol, so the risk to forget about something frying and fall asleep will be reduced;
  • Do not leave the kitchen, while something is frying, grilling boiled, and so on;
  • Use timer and reminders to avoid risk to forget about something that is cooked;
  • Ensure your working place is clean, has enough space, and there are no objects close to the fire
  • Cooking with Oil Requires Special Attitude

The main point never to lose attention and be attentive to unpleasant smells appearance and smoke. In such a case the best decision would be to turn off the appliance and remove any utensil from it. The rest are:

  • Heat the oil slowly using low fire;
  • Be careful with the food added to pan or pot, do not avoid oil splashes;
  • Ensure you have a lid close to you during the cooking, so in case the grease will get into the fire it will be easy to handle with it.

And the last, but very important rule is to call firefighters in case of any sign of the fire appeared. In case you’ll find some damage caused by fire or firefighters call Signature Water and Fire Restoration experts for restoration services.