When Mold Becomes a Problem

When Mold Becomes a Problem

Without matter in the reason of staying in a hotel (tourism, vacation, business trip) any person expects to find their place to have rest and refresh. What doesn’t consider under the refreshing is meeting mold in a hotel room, although unfortunately, it is common problems for most small hotels.

In case you relate to the conscientious hotel owner you cannot allow mold appearance in the rooms you offer to the clients. Comfort and safety should e essential principles of any hotel operation. Please be attentive to the signs of mold, if any.

What Are Problems Caused by Mold?

One of the main problems and signs of the mold is a specific odor, which is not only unpleasant but dangerous because of the contained portion of mycotoxins. It causes health problems like headaches, breathing problems and feeling sick. There are general approaches to identify mold depending on its source:

  • Feeling specific odors mentioned above. It would be enough to make several deep breathes in the lobby, corridor, and hotel rooms in order to ensure whether you smell the problem or not.
  • Mold in a bathroom. The high humidity level which is common for the bathroom serves as the main reason for high risk mold appearance there. In case you found some mold or fungus in the bathroom it would be a wise idea to send it for analysis.
  • The wallpapers condition. The mold can be easily identified having a look at the wallpapers. In case they are peeled or swollen there are high risks of mold presence.
  • Feedback from employees referring to their feelings, health, and observations can be also a reason to pay attention to a mold problem. In case there were complaints from customers at itchy feelings after using towels or laundry there is a high probability of mold as well.

Reasons to Hire Specialists for Mold Cleaning Service in Hotel Rooms

Numerous tools and devices for mold cleaning can be easily found in the nearest supermarket. But as usual, most of them cannot handle an issue of molt infestation, moreover, using them can make the situation only worse. So to solve the problem of rooms’ contamination by mold, it will be better to hire specialists with special knowledge and equipment.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration Company will be able to provide you with a team of highly experienced specialists to handle such an issue. So if you discover any signs of infestation in your hotel room or any other premises, feel free to call us immediately and arrange our expert’s visit.

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