How to Be 100% Prepared for Overactive Hurricane Season?

How to Be 100% Prepared for Overactive Hurricane Season?

As you already probably know from the latest news, this year we will face the storms season that will be overactive. Dorian already caused damages in a big number of the cities on the East Coast of the country. Now, we already got information that one more tropical storm called Karen on its way to the same area. It means that homeowners from the East Coast will need to restore their residential houses one more time. And it may be too challenging for most of them.

So it will be more than wise to learn what can homeowners do to prepare your residential houses for the next damaging storm to minimize the level of damages.

How to Prepare Your House for Storm?

First of all, you need to understand that such precautions need to be done beforehand. You do not need to wait for a warning about the coming storm, because you will have not enough time to fully prepare your residential house for it. So please be notice about the following precautions that may help you to minimize the damages of your house because of the storm:

  1. The first step that you will need to do is to prepare the evacuation plan for yourself and your family. Of course, hopefully, you will not need to use it. But it is extremely important to know all the routes that may lead you to the nearest shelter. So, prepare such a plan beforehand and explain it to your family.
  2. The second step that you will need to do is to make all the necessary purchases that you may need during the storm. You must have water and food that will be enough for three days for each of your family members. Also, please do not forget about first aid, batteries, medications, and others.
  3. The third step that you should not forget to do is to review your paperwork on house insurance. Most homeowners never read such documents after buying a house. But in case you preparing for the damages after a storm, you need to be informed about what your insurance can cover and what cannot.
  4. The fours step that needs to be done beforehand is taking care of the full inventory of your valuable possessions and property, such as important documents, electronics, and other valuables. It is important because it will help you in case of an insurance claim.
  5. The fifth step is about the protection of your residential house from the storm by making the following precautions:
  • Your hose bibs, electrical outlets, as well as other exterior wall openings, need to be sealed;
  • The only the tempered glass for the sliding glass doors need to be chosen;
  • The only hurricane-proof exterior doors need to be chosen;
  • For the better windows protection, storm shutters need to be installed;
  • All the tree and branches that are weak and/or growing over the roof of your house need to be cut;
  • All the landscaping such as rock and gravel needs to be replaced by shredded bark.

Why do You Need to Be Careful with Storm Surges?

Not all citizens know that storm surges are the most dangerous issue caused by a storm, but not the rain or wind no matter how bad they are. Storm surges are the main reason for deaths related to a storm. Around twenty feet of water can be generated by only one storm surge, so please be careful with them.

Use these precautions to prepare your residential house, as well as your family, for the season of storms. In case your house in Illinois has faced storm or hurricane damages, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration and our specialist will help you to overcome it as fast as possible. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.