Why Do You Need to Know What to Do During and After the Disaster?

Why Do You Need to Know What to Do During and After the Disaster?

The answer to this question is obvious: first of all, to protect yourself and all the members of your family and, second of all, to reduce the level of your property and valuable possessions damages. Because in case you face such a disaster as flooding or fire, you will not be ready to handle aftermaths effectively and fast. So to avoid such cases let’s what exactly steps need to be done in case you have a deal with damages caused by water or fire.

Most homeowners do not have a specific plan for fighting effects and damages after a disaster. That is why it will be more than wise to contact professional specialists from Signature Water and Fire Restoration. Our team will be able to handle any type of damages after flooding, storm, hurricane, fire and other types of disasters and help you to come back home as soon as possible.

Moreover, our technical specialists will be able to provide you with services of storage and restoration of your valuable possessions.

The Process of Property Recovery

When you hiring a professional specialist from Signature Water and Fire Restoration, you can be one hundred percent sure that they will do step by step according to the right recovery process to stop further damage and save as much as possible.

And here is a list of steps of this process:

  1. Call Signature Water and Fire Restoration. Of course, during or right after the disaster it will be a mess, the situation will be too nervous and challenging. But in any case, you need to call us as soon as possible.
  2. Before any recovery work will start, our specialists need to perform a full assessment of the damages after a disaster. An only full assessment can assure you that restoration will go on the right way. Also after the assessment, you will get a quote.
  3. Avoiding further damage. Once the assessment is done and the quote is approved by you, our technical specialists can start the recovery process. And the first thing that they do, is to avoid further damage to your property and possessions. In case of flooding damage, it means the fight the source of water, removes the water, seals and airing the damaged premises out.
  4. The next step is the cleaning of all the affected premises of your property, as well as all of the affected possessions in it. The choosing of the right process of cleaning and its steps depends on full damage assessment performed at the beginning of our specialists’ work. Your valuable possessions that have been affected by disaster will be saved and restore, also you may use our storage service for them.
  5. And only when all the previous steps have been done properly, it is a time to start to restore the property. Namely, all the structural damages will be fixed, all the damaged materials that cannot be salvaged will be removed and replaced.

How to Salvage as Many Valuable Possessions as Possible?

Here is the list of steps that will surely help you with it:

  1. In case some of your valuables are still wet, you will need to carefully clean it out with clean water. Of course, if it is possible for such possession.
  2. In case some of your valuables are already dry out, you will need to remove any dirt and silt from them. A slightly wet piece of cloth will help you in this process.
  3. In any case, you will need to dry out the wet possessions inside of the house. It is important because your possessions or their color may be damaged by too intensive sunlight.
  4. In case you will have to have a deal with floodwater, you need to use personal protective equipment for it, such as boots, gloves, glasses, and others. It is important because such water contains numerous parasites, viruses, bacteria, and just debris.
  5. In case some of your clothes or fabrics affected by water damage after flooding, you will need to remove all of the dirt and debris from them. Clean them out with clean water.
  6. In case some of your wooden possessions affected by water, you will need to clean them out with a slightly wet piece of cloth or sponge.

So, in case you and your property in Illinois have faced the damage after a disaster, please follow the steps mentioned above to save your property and possessions. Call Signature Water and Fire Restoration as soon as possible and our specialist will help you to overcome it in the fastest and the most effective way. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.