Life after the Fire Damage

Life after the Fire Damage

It’s hard to find something comparative with the fired house. Emotions, fear, exhausted feelings, tiredness and total mess with thoughts about the future. But there’s a way to continue living after the fire and the first step is a cleaning up and fire damage restoration.

Fighting Emotions

The troubles come with fire is not only about some losses and property damage it also about the mess, havoc, and trying to understand what to do next and how to move on. Signature Water and Fire Restoration gathered tips which commonly help to calm down and start rebuilding usual things order.

Think about the family

First of all the thing about close people and focus on their needs. Check everybody has warm clothes, food, and a place to sleep. In case of necessity request for help at the nearest disaster relief service for providing you with temporary shelter and essentials. Have some rest before taking any other actions.

Remember about Safety

It is a common desire to go to the burned house, check for surviving property, and assess the damage. But be careful with the totally destroyed premises and allow to do it to professionals in a first turn, because at least they know all precautions. Note that after the fire the risk of holes, remain contamination from smoke, holes, weakened structural supports, and failings are very high.

Check for Documents

Check the documents and prepare the list of what you should replace. The main documents are personal ID, marriage and birth certificates. When the documents are replaced you’ll be able to call the insurance company and start reimbursement procedures.

Don’t Underestimate the Support

The support from the people of the close circle is very important to feel you’re not alone with your trouble. Try not to stay along for a long time.

Involve Professionals

It’s impossible to handle problems caused by the fire by yourself. Involve professionals to help you restore from the fire. Signature Water and Fire Restoration has the appropriate experience in cleaning and restoration works, assistance with damage reverse and other burdens, leaving you more time for family.

We use professional equipment, which allows us to act quickly and our technicians certified by IICRC will do their best to timely arrive, and fight the damage from fire or smoke, which will reduce their effects. Call us 24/7 and we’ll come for help as fast as it’s possible.