Major Cities with Consistent Tornado Risk

Major Cities with Consistent Tornado Risk

The scientists record the trend of sea levels rising at all coasts in the country each year. But the most affected is the East Coast, where such changes come along with the tornado risks increase. There’s a list of cities that are in huge danger of flood, like Boston and New York and Miami Beach, but the actual number of cities in danger is higher.

Florida and Louisiana suffered a lot from Hurricane Katrina stroked in August 2005. Particularly the most devastated was New Orleans. As the result, the number of affected people was about 15 million, and the property damage composed of $125 billion, which is explained by an extremely water flood caused water level increase for 20 feet.

October 2012 brought Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey and New York. It killed 149 people and destroyed property for more than $50 billion. Although Louisiana and Florida remain the riskiest regions, there’re not the only areas prone to hurricanes.

Raleigh, North Carolina

The geographical location made the Raleigh, NC prone to hurricanes. Based on Walnut and Crabtree Creeks and Neuse River it is not only a beautiful area but a place that often suffers from floods.

The city works on the problem and removes any buildings from the areas which can be potentially affected by floods and turn the places into the green area. Although while the process is going you can still be in a risk zone because nature is unpredictable and actually storm can come from everywhere.

The aftermaths of the water damage can become critical if they are not remediated timely, so any water damage issue should be treated as an emergent case. For such cases, the local restoration company would help you to handle the issue.

Kissimmee, Florida

The Kissimmee, FL is considered to be a big city with over 71K residents, where the rate of floodplain population rapidly grows each year. The term floodplain population refers to the areas with the greatest flooding risks in the USA and describes a number of people, who live in a severe floodplain. Osceola County of the Kissimmee., FL, increased the floodplain population 2 times over the 16 years from 31,5K in 2000 to 60,1K in 2016, which gives the strong trend of rising danger for a higher number of people over the years.

San Marcos, Texas

The information that sunny Texas is prone to flood damage sometimes shock people. The mentioned San Marcos is one of the cities under the hugest flood danger each year. It has similar problems with Kissimmee of doubling the floodplain population in a short period from 6K to 13K people. The population living in risky locations shows a 113% increase, which is shocking and requires respective measures.

Sugar Land, Texas

Another big city (over 88K residents) in a danger in Texas is Sugar Land with a consistently growing floodplain population, making Texas one of the most dangerous states for flood damage and other natural disasters. Special attention is paid to the Fort Bend County, where the number of floodplain population grew by 138% from 20K residents to 46K residents.


This is not an exhaustive list of the cities with incredible floodplain population growth and the time required for resolving the problem is about decades. The problems are relevant for New York, NY, Miami, FL, Hialeah, FL, and many other cities as well.

The only thing making the flood damage easy to handle is existing of professional restoration companies. If you are faced with a flood call Signature Water and Fire Restoration for immediate help and we’ll come to rescue you!