Tips for Tornado Preparation

Tips for Tornado Preparation

The disaster may come into your place in the different form being a storm, hurricane, or the most terrifying type of the cyclone – tornado. It’s hardly predictable and can unexpectedly appear at any time bringing destruction and huge property loss. Annually lots of cities are affected by tornadoes, so their population is forced to get prepared for the nasty season, otherwise, their homes and property will be destroyed by a disaster. If you’re familiar with similar problems below you may find useful tips on how to prepare yourself and the house for tornado season to save family and property from devastation.

Simple Guide to Get Prepared for Tornado

Having a tornado on its way to you? You still can prepare for it, although you’re certainly one step behind of the effective measures. The main point in being well-prepared for an upcoming cyclone is to have an emergency plan before the warning of a future disaster has been communicated. Below you may find a list with useful tips on how to get ready and minimize damage from the tornado keeping your close people safe.

  • You should have an emergency plan for a tornado, which will include the route and possible shelters for you and your family. Check for the shelters situated close to your place and chose it as the first possible point to get in. Good if your house has its own equipped shelter the best option is to avoid traveling and stay there until the danger will pass.
  • In case there’re no shelters close to you and you don’t have shelter at your place thing about the safest room to hide from a tornado with all family and pets. It can be a basement or a storm cellar, some interior room without windows. 
  • Take with you the battery-powered radio to monitor NOAA weather news and updates.
  • Make a little training to your family regarding the first aid, the necessity to turn off electricity, gas, and water supplies, usage of fire extinguishers.

The next tip relates to supplies to have with you during the time you wait will the tornado will pass. Create an emergency tornado kit with the following necessary things:

  • Food and water for at least 3-5 days per each family member and pets. Please consider that the best option is to have canned or non-perishable products because you’ll have no fridge with turned off the electricity. If you took canned food don’t forget about can opener and spoons with forks. Think of small babies and the necessity to have the baby food.
  • As you’ll have no electricity you’ll need battery-powered flashlights and radio. A good idea would be to have additional batteries as well.
  • First aid kit and some drugs that are regularly used by family members.
  • Warm clothes and blankets.

Dangers Which Come with Tornado

The average tornado can develop a speed of 155 miles/hour. Some especially severe tornado may have a speed over 200 miles/hour. These cyclones can appear suddenly and everywhere, especially in the Midwest areas called the Tornado Alley.

The danger of a high-speeded tornado is in its power to lift heavy things from the streets. These flying objects are thrown by it and cause significant damage to the property.

If you faced the terrifying tornado which in spite of the realization of an emergency plan brought lots of damage to your property contact your local restoration company for respective help. Signature Water and Damage Restoration team know how to restore your house quickly giving you chance to get back your normal life quickly.