OSHA and CDC Signals for COVID-19 Cleanup

OSHA and CDC Signals for COVID-19 Cleanup

As the COVID-19 is a totally new type of virus. So it’s still being studied on how easy does it transferred from surfaces, which were contaminated, to human infecting it. The precautions which employers can do to save its personnel is to ensure proper cleaning and disinfection of potentially contaminated surfaces, areas, and different objects.

CDC, which is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the Coronavirus is able to save its activity up to 17 days being at some types of surfaces. So the best practice for prevention the infecting with COVID-19 or any other diseases that are spread respiratory is a careful cleaning of surfaces and contaminated objects with further disinfecting of them with specific solutions. In case you have been faced with infecting with Coronavirus by one of your employees Signature Water and Fire Restoration prepared a couple of advice for you.

Recommendations from Different Bodies

Considering that there’re no many facts known regarding the Coronavirus there’s a lot of contradicting information around it, including methods of the most effective disinfection and cleaning. For example, while reputable CDC authority says that to kill the virus it would be enough to carefully clean and disinfect all surfaces which could contact the virus another reputable authority OSHI issues the separate document for handling this issue.

The mentioned document requires using a combination of administrative and engineering controls, best practices for safe work, personal protective equipment, including gloves, masks, eye protection, to protect people from the effects of contaminated waste and materials. The document also mentions that the improper waste handling can lead to spreading of contamination and related risk of infecting.

Disinfection and proper contiguous waste disposal are processes that require professional expertise, specific equipment, certification confirming the compliance to local and state regulations. Professionals often perform the cleanup process because otherwise, the cleaning person is at risk of infecting, while experienced technicians completed appropriate training, have professional PPE and equipment, so they can complete the process safely and reliably.

Employee Protection Measures

For business owners, who have the safety of employees as a number one priority the essential is to find a reliable partner for handling this together. During the selection process of the company for making a COVID-19 cleanup, the compliance of it to OSHA and CDC requirements should be considered.

At the same time, the General Duty Paragraph regulates the relationships between employee and employer regarding the safe working conditions and states that each employee must be provided with a safe working space without any hazards, which potentially can harm or cause the fatality.

Another point to be considered is that Coronavirus isn’t in the list of exceptions for occupational illnesses, which means any case of infecting with it at the workspace (from employee to employee) should be reported to OSHA. Special attention is put at cases caused to further hospitalization or fatal outcome, which can result in the investigation initiated by OSHA against the business owner and further fines.

Professional Disinfection

In case you need professionals with wide experience in the field of disinfection and biohazard disposal you can always call Signature Water and Fire Restoration at 1-224-515-0100. Our certified technicians bring cleanliness and safety to your space.