Signature Water and Fire Restoration Services in COVID-19 Cleanup

Signature Water and Fire Restoration Services in COVID-19 Cleanup

The Coronavirus pandemic came suddenly and stirred up the whole world by its fast spreading. Additionally, the complications with it are caused by its difficult traceability, because of the long incubation period, during which people, who have been infected don’t feel any signs of it and continue to spread the virus.

All the abovementioned facts caused respective rapid reactions from the governments directed for the drastic curbing of the infection. Signature Water and Fire Restoration is a leading company, which among other services provides those connected with disinfection and biohazard disposal. We always ready to come for help and cleanup premises from any viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration Disinfection Services

Being a new strain of SARS viruses Coronavirus is still being studied. The results of these studies are published by WHO, CDC, and OSHA, and include the new ways of effective disinfection, training required to do so, necessary protective equipment and ways to handle the waste.

The information about the virus’s transmissibility is not full, so the only way to keep the environment safe is to take all possible precautions considering contaminated things as either biohazard or medical waste. For cases, when a business can be acknowledged guilty in the employee’s infecting OSHA is responsible for initiating the investigation and taking respective punishment measures. Signature Water and Fire restoration can help the business to keep the environment clean and safe by applying the following:

Disinfectants We Use Are Approved By CDC and EPA, Which Are Considered As Powerful Against Viruses and Bacteria

Performing our services we apply strong industrial-grade disinfectants with a wide spectrum of action, which is very effective in killing viruses, including COVID-19. When it comes down to cleaning the surfaces which are touched frequently and have a high possibility to be contaminated by the virus such as tables, handles and doorknobs, faucets, switchers of lights, and so on. The products used by Signature Water and Fire Restoration are those with the highest quality, so the cleaning results will be excellent.

Proper Treatment of Materials Probably Contacted with Virus      

We realize how important is do not allow further spreading of the virus. This is why we clean, disinfect and dispose of any infected material in the same way with biohazard.

Having Professional Personal Protective Equipment

Signature Water and Fire Restoration is very serious about your safety as well as about the safety of the personnel employed. This is why technicians busy cleaning complete comprehensive training and wear encapsulated suits related to personal protective equipment including specific respiratory masks that cover all face. Dealing with contamination we spend the time for evaluation of each separate case significance, determining the areas for cleaning before the disinfection procedure according to the modern requirements will be started.

Disinfecting Own Equipment

When the work in the client’s field is over it doesn’t mean the disinfection process is over as well. Signature Water and Fire Restoration takes all precautions by the demobilization of viruses from the equipment used, trucks, and areas for waste storage, according to OSHA requirements. Except for being certified professionals, who strictly follow recent state-of-the-art procedures we continuously keep in touch with CDC and other regulators to be aware of all requirements and modern ways to handle diseases’ contaminations.

Caring Employees’ Safety

The General Duty Clause is the part of the legislation act, which regulates the employees’ right for a safe environment and obligates each business owner to provide employees with a safe working place, which is totally free from any type of hazards able to harm or kill the employee.

All business owners should also be aware that the Coronavirus is out of the list with exceptions from occupational diseases, so any case of transfer of it from employee to employee at the working space should be included in the report provided to OSHA. If such cases resulted in hospitalization or death of the employee the OSHA is empowered to start the investigation with further obligating business with fines to business in case of proven guilty.

Address Employee or Customer Infecting Risks

Being an Illinois leader in fighting bacteria and virus contamination Signature Water and Fire Restoration extended the list of provided services by including to it a specific program for fighting COVID-19 which considers applying EPA and CDC approved methodologies.

Apply high working standards we have deep expertise in fighting viruses, which becomes extremely important in times of recognized pandemic. COVID-19 outbreak can become a serious problem. Trust cleaning and disinfection to professionals, keeping the health and safety of the business and family in reliable hands. Call us today at 1-224-515-0100 and we’ll come to help when you need.