Popular Myths Regarding Coronavirus

Popular Myths Regarding Coronavirus

It’s a totally normal reaction to worry about the life and the health and seek effective ways to be safe at the time of coronavirus pandemic that appeared recently. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of information placed in the network which is false and other fakes. It misleads people and waste their time, while crisis time requires applying to reliable facts and effective measures.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration is a leading company, which successfully fights different types of contamination and pollution and knows how to fight viruses and bacteria as well. And in this article, we propose you to get acquainted with the most popular myths regarding COVID-19 or as it also called Coronavirus and the real facts, which address them.

Note: please be aware that the only medical advice that can be accepted is advice provided either by WHO or CDC (World Health Organization, and respectively Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Stories regarding the effectiveness of garlic meals, or taking dietary supplements helping to resist the COVID-19 are totally false and can even put you in danger instead of saving. Please take into account that currently, there’re no food, medicine, vaccines against this time of virus. 

Popular Myths Regarding Coronavirus

Myth 1: Surgical Masks Effectively Save From Coronavirus

The purpose of wearing surgical masks is to protect patients from doctors sneezing or coughing during respective medical procedures. Mask cannot protect someone, who’s wearing it for protection from viruses. It is highly recommended to wear them in case of appearing symptoms, but it isn’t an essential measure.

The main point comes down to protecting healthy people (like patients) from those, who’re already infected but either don’t have any symptoms or do not know they’re infected (like doctors). This’s why there’s a requirement to wear the mask is important to stop spreading the disease from sick people to healthy ones.

What’s an essential point is self-isolation and following quarantine measures without matter whether you have the symptoms or whether you don’t have them but have a chance to contact those, who have them.

Another model called N95 respirators, which are used by medicals, who’re contacting infected people, are much more effective in purposes to protect the owner. At the same time, the team of Signature Water and Fire Restoration technicians prefer to wear specific respirators, which are air purifying and approved by NIOSH because they are much more effective for wearers. Unfortunately, this type of equipment is hardly available for mass supply.

Myth 2: Antibacterial Soap Is Useless

This myth comes down to the point that if the soap is antibacterial, while the COVID-19 is a virus, but certainly not a bacteria. In such a way, antibacterial soap cannot safe from the virus killing it. But this’s considered to be a fake as well. To make a long story short, we may refer to the Pall Thordarson from New South Wales University’s. He is a professor and his specifics is chemistry. He clarifies that the virus is a specific nanoparticle with the weakest part of the layer made of lipid. Lipid means fatty, which in it turn means it can be easily dissolved by any soap, so the virus will be destroyed.

Actually, the active rubbing of soapy water by hands is the main weapon against the virus because it destroys the lipid bilayers of which the virus consists and dissolves the sticky component which makes the virus easy to adhere to the skin of a human.

Sanitizers used for washing hands which have not less than 60% of alcohol has a similar principle of action. But they can be less effective because imply less rubbing and lower hands coverage.

Myth 3: It Becomes Obvious When Person Got This Virus

Majority of known diseases have the incubation period during which the symptoms or other effects of it are either insignificant or absent. Newly appeared Coronavirus’s incubation period is 2 weeks and in some separate cases can be up to 20 days. It means that from the initial infection to the moment of appearance of symptoms there will be a huge period of time – 2 weeks when the person doesn’t actually know about the infection.

During all the incubation period and after it the infected person is dangerous for surroundings because he is contagious, which is why the virus is so hardly trackable. Those people, who’re without symptoms can be extremely contagious and can spread the disease to others without evil intention. This’s why self-isolation is so important part of the way to stop the virus, and that’s why there is a high number of industries that are temporarily closed or work remotely.

As an additional danger factor, there is a CDC report containing information that the virus can stay alive at some types of surfaces up to seventeen days after the contact.

Myth 4: Virus Doesn’t Survive in a Heat

There’s widespread information (however which isn’t published or announced at official medical sources) about the high temperatures which kill the virus. Thus, you can find much advice to go to the sauna, use hair dryers, go to the hot tubs, baths and simply drink very hot tea. Please be aware that this’s another kind of fakes.

The root cause of this myth comes down to the fact that the majority of viruses that are outside the human body are dying when the outside temperature is 140F and higher. But first of all, there’s still no documented evidence that this rule applied to the COVID-19. And the second point is we’re speaking about the case when the virus is outside of humans body.

Thus if somebody has been infected it’s useless to take tubs and drink tea – the virus has already got to the organism and the only way to fight it is to have a strong immune system, which will do it for you. The sauna is still good, but for de-stressing only, but not for curing.

Myth 5: Any Vaccine against Flu Can Help

Coronavirus is conceptually not the same as the flu. It’s not the new type of flu, not a more strong aggressive virus strain, and it’s not similar to the flu at any reflection, except for some symptoms arisen at patients. But what is important to know is that Coronavirus is much more deadly, infected people are more contagious, and there’s no cure from it for now.

It’s highly important to calm down, avoid panic and realize the severity of the situation and the threat and realize possible consequences from the quarantine measures being ignored. As was already mentioned it’s possible to be infected and even don’t know about it. So the heedless attitude which comes down to the own young organism and strong immune system can lead to infecting close people, and old parents with fatal outcomes.

Myth 6: COVID-19 Death Statistics Isn’t Higher Comparing to Flu

Actually, the death rate inherent to the COVID-19 is much higher comparing to the usual flu (20 times). Medical experts’ expectation says that each infected person will spread the disease at least to 2-3 other people, which evidences the higher contiguity of it. Additional factors which make it more dangerous are:

  • Speed of its spreading;
  • It’s the ability to overwhelm and overload the healthcare system;
  • Limited medical resources (tests, equipment);
  • And the absence of the vaccine.

Keeping close people and ourselves safe in self-isolation minimizing social contacts and keeping high hygiene by washing hands with soap are essential measures that must be applied to stop the pandemic.

If you still have questions you can always call to Signature Water and Fire Restoration office at 1-224-515-0100 and we’ll help you with additional information or with remedying your home and business from spreading the virus.