The Storm Recovery Process for Your Commercial Property

The Storm Recovery Process for Your Commercial Property

If you are a business owner, you surely understand how important to make everything work right and smoothly. Because if something ruing a normal working process of your business it can cause huge effects. If something stops your business, especially if this stop will be too long, you may lose most of your customers, or even all of them. It sounds like a terrifying nightmare, isn’t it?

One such thing that may stop your business for a long time and causes significant aftermath is a storm. If your commercial property faced any type of a huge storm, it will probably damage enough to require a professional restoration process. It is natural for a business owner to be nervous in such a situation. All these thoughts about restoration, re-opening, potential losses and so on. So let’s see how to overcome these hard times as fast and as easily as possible.

Your Commercial Property Restoration After Storm

In any case, if you have a deal with storm damaged commercial property, you need to find a professional certified company that has a well-proven reputation in such type of restoration works. You may try to fix everything by yourself and try to save some money in such a way. But professionals will sure do that work faster and better, which allows you to re-open your business faster and save your customers.

To Assess the Damage

It is what should be done first of all. Because without a complex professional assessment of damaged property, it is impossible to start the restoration process. That is why this step is so important and it will be wise to let specialists do it.

In case of flooding damage, all of the damages areas need to be checked out with special equipment such as moisture meter. Because drywall, wallpapers, flooring, and other materials may soak the water what can cause problems with mold and so on.

To Dry the Property

The second step that needs to be done immediately after damage assessment, is drying the whole damaged area out. Be ready that some furniture and equipment may be too damaged to use them in the future, so you will need to get rid of it.

Also please be noticed that the area of your commercial property that has been damaged by storm need to be sealed off. It will help to avoid this area from mold growth issues that will require many more forces to fight it.

To remove all of standing water from the areas damaged after the storm and dry them out the following equipment may be used:

  • Water pumps;
  • Air movers;
  • Wet vacuums and so on.

To Prepare the Documents for Insurance Company

Of course, to cover all the restoration works, as well as new goods or suppliers purchasing, you will need to have some money. so the third step that is also more than important is documentation of the damage to your commercial property after the storm. Because everyone knows how picky insurance companies can be. Actually, it is their job to find out proof. There is why they may send one of their adjusters to explore your commercial property and get concrete proof of its damage.

So please to noticed that you are, as a business owner, responsible for providing the insurance company with all of the documents, photographs, videos and other proofs for your claim because of storm damage. Damaged materials, furniture, and office equipment also may be used as proof of storm-damaged, so you may save them for a while on-site, for example, in some garbage containers.

So in case your commercial property in Illinois faced such damage, please feel free to call Signature Water and Fire Restoration and our specialists will help you to overcome it. Our phone number is 1-224-515-0100, call us!