Proper School Premises Disinfecting During COVID-19 Pandemic

Proper School Premises Disinfecting During COVID-19 Pandemic

The second wave of morbidity came and safety matters are the main concern during these days. Especially when it comes to kids, who regularly visit their schools, where the virus can breed and the disease can spread quickly.

The cleanliness and disinfection matters become crucial for providing a safe environment to students. To help you deal with that matter Signature Water and Fire Restoration team prepared several tips to follow in order to protect children from COVID-19 at school.

Cleaning Should Become Even More Thorough

When it comes to classrooms the respective staff should take more responsibility for surface disinfecting and cleaning. The best decision is to perform thorough cleaning twice per day and make frequent airing. If for some reason it is impossible, the cleaning should be held once per day with deep cleaning and disinfecting on a weekly basis.

Disinfection of Frequently Touched Surfaces

Risky areas where the infecting can happen are frequently touched surfaces. Thus, focusing on cleaning and disinfecting efforts on surfaces at classrooms, restrooms, school canteen, and hallways, is a reasonable measure to prevent the virus. Additionally, pay attention to:

·         light switches;

·         door and window handles;

·         drink dispensers and vending machines;

·         computer tables and equipment (mice, monitor, remote controls, keyboard or laptops, and tablets, if applicable);

·         banisters;

·         furniture;

·         fingerprint scanners;

·         telephones;

·         reception desks;

·         books and games used by students.

How to Act When COVID-19 Infecting Was Confirmed or Suspected?

School is the place visited by many students, thus, infecting probably inevitable. When you were get informed about such cases all areas visited by the infected student must go through a decontamination procedure to get rid of all bacteria and microbes and prevent the virus from spreading. This job should be performed by a professional cleaning team with heavy equipment, strong solutions, and deep expertise in keeping premises safe.

How to Act When COVID-19 Mass Infecting Happened?

Sometimes regular cleaners without proper expertise may fail to follow all governmental guides. Thus you may think about a professional cleaning service, which will guarantee safety to students and personnel.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration can provide you with the required service. We have years of experience, special equipment, and well-trained technicians to help you deal with virus and bacteria contamination. 

In case coronavirus disinfection service is required call us at +1-224-515-0100 and we’ll propose several solutions for your situation. We work 24/7 and do our best to make your life safe!