Minimizing Flood Damage

Minimizing Flood Damage

Floods are unpredictable and can come from storms or long-lasting rains. This is why it is important to ensure your roof will not allow the water to get in, windows have no cracks through which water leakage may appear, and other weak places are fixed. Signature Water and Fire Restoration prepared a simple guide to save you from water damage from the floods.

Flood Damage Preparation Steps

It would be a mistake to think the flood can be completely stopped, although what is real is to minimize damage from it. Follow the next steps to save the precious property from destruction.

Take Care of Electricals

Ensure the wiring, sockets (if possible) or any other items powered by electricity are out of the possible flood levels. Relocate them as higher as possible. This allows not only save them from flood damage but avoids health hazards caused by short circuits and electric shock.

Monitor Weather Alerts

Local news channels and weather reports give announcements on upcoming severe storms and floods. It’s essential to monitor their announcements to have enough time for preparations for possible disasters.

Valuable Property

All valuable property including furniture, carpets, art objects, jewelry, documents, and other things must be relocated to the highest point in the house, like a loft, the highest floor, or something like that.

Check Emergency Kit Completeness

When a severe flood is coming the chances the evacuation may be necessary are high. For such cases the emergency kit completeness is crucial. Ensure it contains:

·         flashlights with batteries;

·         radio with batteries;

·         cell phones with batteries;

·         medicine and drugs;

·         food and water for 3 days at least;

·         documents and cash.

Check You’re Insured

Usually, standard insurance doesn’t include flood damage clauses. Thus if you live in a flood vulnerable area one of the best precaution measures is to get insurance coverage from the flood.

When You Faced a Flood Damage

In case of severe floods, the damage can be minimized but cannot be avoided. If you found the property suffered from the flood and water is inside the house the best thing to do is to make all efforts to remove it as soon as it is possible and make respective restorations. Losing time may cost a lot and bring secondary lasting damage. A wise idea is to hire a restoration team, who will provide you with professional service and make the job promptly.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration is the service company you need in case you faced flood damage. We’re able to come any time you need together with modern heavy equipment and a team of restorators. Our aim is to provide a high-quality job in a short period, returning you to normal life as soon as it is possible. Call us at +1-224-515-0100 and get more information about us and our service.