The Reasons for Increase in the Level of Property Flooding

The Reasons for Increase in the Level of Property Flooding

In the last couple of years, many countries in the world faced an unusually high level of flooding. Unfortunately, such disasters always cause significant damage to residential and commercial properties. owners of these properties have to spend a lot of time and money to restore the damaged construction and areas to bring their life back to normal.

So it is completely natural to desire to know what are the reasons for such disasters and to find out the ways to protect your property from flooding. Fortunately, you will be able to find the answers to both questions above in this article.

The Main Causes of Property Flooding Increase

The first reason for such disasters is well-known, it is climate changes that lead our planet to global warming. These changes in its turn caused by human activities and increased emissions. The higher temperature of the air causes a higher level of moisture, a higher level of air moisture caused a higher rainfall that causes more residential and commercial property floodings.

The second reason for an increased level of property flooding is the installation of flood defenses to constrain rivers within banks. Sounds weird, isn’t it? But yes, such defense does not help to prevent flooding, it just makes floods even worse further downstream.

The List of Activities that Helps You to Protect Your Property from Flooding

Every person who at least once in his or her life faced flooding knows how terrible is the aftermath. Because water will not just pour through your residential or commercial property, it will also bring a lot of dirt, debris, and other contaminators into your property. Moreover, these contaminators may harm your health if you contact with this water, so better leave this work for professionals.

So let’s explore the list of useful tips that help to prevent significant damages caused by flooding:

  • Make sure that all the drains outside and inside of your residential or commercial property are clear and free so they will be able to drain flooding water;
  • Also, make sure that all private gullies are also free from any barriers that can obstruct the free flow of water;
  • Keep an eye on the news about upcoming flooding in your area to have enough time for preparation;
  • Create a list of important numbers that may help you in such a disaster or after it. Place this list in an easy-to-reach place. Such a list should include the following numbers:
    • Emergency service;
    • Insurance company;
    • Professional cleaning and flooding damage restoration company;
  • Prepare and make sure that all of your family members are acknowledged with the action plan for such a situation;
  • Valuable items need to be moved to the safest area in the building. The best choice will be second or higher floor if you are sure in your roof’s conditions;
  • Make sure that you and all of your family members are acknowledged how to turn off the gas supply, mains water, and electricity in the property;
  • Sandbags, old floorboards, or plastic covers need to be prepared for blocking gaps under all external doors. In such a way, you will be able to slow down the water flow into your property;
  • If you have enough time, try to move your car to a safer area during the flooding;
  • In case you have pets, prepare an action plan to protect them during this disaster.

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