Increasing Danger Awareness: How Do Storms Get Names?

Increasing Danger Awareness: How Do Storms Get Names?

We’re used to the fact the hurricanes are distinguished by their names. Where do they get them and what is the point to call hurricanes with human names?

The main point is that during hurricane seasons the storms may come one by one. If they would not have names it would be hard to inform people about danger, as the mess would exist. Instead of that, it is much easier to inform people about the disaster when it has a name. Such an approach helps people to define the exact danger and determine how close it is to them, thus preparing for it better.

How The Names Are Selected?

The first thing to know is that not every hurricane can chance to get the name. Only those with a speed exceeding 30 miles per hour are identified as highly dangerous and get their names. Firstly, only the women’s names were used, but later they were expanded by male names as well.

When it comes to storms each type of cyclone depending on origin has the own list of names to select from. For example, the storms that came from the Atlantic Ocean can be named with one out of 21 names during a 6-year cycle. Once the 6 years are left, the name can be used again. In case during the cycle, there were more than 21 hurricanes the Greece alphabet is used for giving names. And another important rule to know is that the hugest and the most catastrophic hurricanes are unique with their names. If the catastrophe happened, its name is withdrawn from the list and replaced with another.

If You Expect Hurricane

The wise thing is to prepare and put on some easy-to-reach place the list of useful phone numbers that you may need during the disaster. Such a list should include at least the following numbers:

  • Emergency service;
  • Insurance company;
  • And the special company that will be able to provide you with the full cycle of services related to bringing your property back to normal, including:
  • Standing water removing;
  • Drying out the affected premises;
  • Restoration of damaged areas and items;
  • Professional cleaning and disinfection.

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