When Hurricane Warning Was Made

When Hurricane Warning Was Made

Scientists consider the 2020 season is the richest for hurricanes comparing to several past years, including 2019 that brought hurricane, Dorian. Happily, the majority of huge hurricanes can be predicted, so people have some time for preparation and evacuation.

What to Do When the  Hurricane Warning Received?

When it comes down to the natural disaster, which can bring terrible property damage and is considered a significant danger for lives the only way to minimize consequences is to be ready for that and timely evacuate your family. Signature Water and Fire Restoration offer you the following Guide composed based on Red Cross recommendations.

What to Do?

When you are living in the prone to storms and hurricanes area and received the warning that the disaster is coming, the following actions are expected from you to stay safe and be able to protect the family:

  • Be attentive to the messages communicated by NOAA Weather Radio. They are very important and gives a lot of information about terms before the hurricane, its strength, evacuation information, close shelters, and other important updates.
  • Ensure the emergency kit is complete and restock it, if necessary.
  • Prepare your house: close windows with shutters or plywood, do the same with garage doors, take away any things left in the garden which could be easily lifted up by the wind, unplug appliances, ensure propane tanks are turned off.
  • Take care of your pets. Prepare separate supply kits for them, which would include: pets documents, water and food supply, and veterinary medicines.
  • Ensure you have enough fuel for the car (full tank and some additional supply).
  • Learn from local authorities or community the evacuation routes and information about shelters, provide them with information about relatives, with special medical needs, if any.
  • Ensure your family members are aware of the evacuation plan.
  • Check your insurance regarding the hurricane and storm damage coverage.

What Is in Emergency Kit Content?

Preparing the emergency kit you should ensure it contains:

  • non-perishable food, water, and medicine supply for several days (up to 7);
  • Radio working from battery, flashlight, additional batteries;
  • personal hygiene and sanitizing items;
  • personal documents;
  • emergency contact list;
  • cell phones and re-chargers;
  • warm clothes and blankets;
  • cash;
  • pet kit.

When the Hurricane Is Over

When the hurricane is over usually there’s still a lot of things to do:

  • Continue to monitor updates from NOAA Weather Radio and make the decision to return back only if the respective allowance was made by local authorities;
  • Avoid driving, if possible. If you still need to drive try to avoid flooded roads and power lines;
  • Do not come into the buildings significantly suffered from water damage without professional services;
  • Inspect your house for damage and make necessary photos (interior and exterior) for insurance reports;
  • Do not use candles in the dark, use flashlights. Do not use tap water for cooking for a while, it can be contaminated;
  • watch your pets and keep them under control for their safety;
  • The telephone should be used only for emergent cases.

Cleanup and Restoration

For cases of strong hurricanes, it is a very difficult task to restore the property. Call professionals from Signature Water and Fire Restoration at +1-224-515-0100. We work 24/7 and will come to help you any time you’ll need us, making restoration quick and comfort and giving you normal life back in a very short period.