When the Mold Becomes a Problem

When the Mold Becomes a Problem

Despite the fact, the mold is a common phenomenon in many homes it always represents a serious health hazard. Being easily carried by air it gets into our lungs, poisonings us, and causes respiratory diseases, headaches, and asthma. When you notice it it’s a reason to care about its removal.

5 Reasons to Request for Mold Remediation Professional Service

The known fact is that mold grows in warmth and humidity. So to regularly inspect respective places for mold appearance is essential for every homeowner who cares about family health. The earlier you’ll identify it the more chances the damage from it is small and easy for removal. Unfortunately, the major causes of mold identification require professional treatment and cannot be handled by homeowners solely. How to distinguish between these cases? You should emergently call your local restoration team in case any of the following 5 criteria met.


Be attentive to the odors in your place. When the mold is in high quantity it releases many spores into the air with a specific unpleasant smell of musty or mildew. Especially you should be attentive to new smells after the long absence and the house locking for a long period. Considering mold likes to hide in hardly-observable areas the smell becomes one of the signs to identify its abnormal growth and start to fight with it.

The strongest odor can usually be noticed close to windows cracks and behind curtains, from insulated walls, carpets, tile joints, and ceiling tiles. Although it is almost impossible to observe mold there. This is why it is important to call professionals, who will apply heavy equipment for mold identification and elimination.

Surfaces Covered with Dark Spots

One of the most favorite meals for mold is organic materials like wooden floors and furniture, wallpapers, drywall, and so on. Did you find dark spots or significant changes in the color of these surfaces? That’s a strong sign of long-lasting mold in the place. By the way, do not forget to check for spots during the selection of the new house to relocate to. Pay special attention to the walls in each room, basements, and bathrooms.

Please consider also that mold can have other than a dark color. It can look like white thread or fluffy veins, it can be pink, green, or gray. It can have tones and be gray-pink, gray-brown, gray-green. So be attentive to unusual spots, thread-like bodies, and discoloration appeared in your place, which evidence you require professional cleaning of the mold.

Water Damage

Obviously, water leakage brings high humidity to the house and creates a favorable environment for mold growth. Every waterflood and water leakage should be stopped as soon as possible and premises thoroughly dried and ventilated, otherwise, you cannot avoid mold appearance. If you experienced strong water damage or leakage inside walls or other hardly accessible places, don’t lose precious time and call professional restorations, who will help to remove mold and prevent it from further growth.

High humidity or water damage areas may be evidenced by peeling wallpapers, paint cracks. If you’re aware your house was flooded it means it’s prone to mold, so the best decision is to call a professional for mold removal.

When the Mold Becomes a Problem


The condensation is the result of contact with the warm humid air with cold surfaces. It leads to water drops release on the surfaces as the result of changing the air temperature at them. The main affected areas are windows, walls, air ducts. If these drops are buildup regularly it always leads to mold growth.

The most vulnerable among named areas are air ducts. The best protection from the mold gathering inside them is the correct temperature set for the house.

Allergic Reactions

Mold can cause allergic reactions to people sensitive to air contaminations or with weak immune. The common signs are eye irritation, sneezing, runny/stuffy nose, cough, parching in the throat and skin, skin scaling.

If some of your family members experience any of the listed symptoms it may evidence the mold allergy, caused by mold colonies affected the house. Especially if outside the house the symptoms disappear.

Why You Shouldn’t Disregard Mold Remediation Process

Ignoring the mold issues may lead to more complex problems. Leaving it to grow you doom yourself and your family to serious health hazards.

Attempting to clean the mold without professional solutions and equipment will bring you to the same point of re-infestation in few months because it is impossible to destroy all spores if you’re not a professional. Even using expensive mold-test kits will not show you the way to access the place of mold colonies and will not help to thoroughly clean it, although.

Happily, the situation of local small areas at the opened space is better, like with a bathroom tub or a small part of drywall situated closely to tap. They can be easily cleaned by homeowners just with a mold cleaner and then process the areas with grout and caulking to prevent further growth. A small part of the drywall can also be remediated from the mold without involving professionals, but it’s required to be attentive to other places. If drywall is not the only part containing mold, it is better to call technicians.

Calling Reliable Mold Remediation Company

If you faced a serious mold problem do waste your time on useless attempts to clean it by yourself and do not doom your health. Losing time means allowing mold to grow and to affect more areas, making the damage bigger. So the faster problem will be realized the more chances you’ll get rid of it easily.

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