Why Is It Important to Avoid Pipes Freeze

Why Is It Important to Avoid Pipes Freeze

When the fall is in its middle the number of reasons to worry about the house condition and take respective actions grows. Frost, snow, winds, and ice turn not eliminated issues of residential and commercial property to huge problems for their tenants.

One of the problems to take care of which is highly recommended is pipes freeze which always becomes a reason for pipes bursts. And in their turn bursting pipes lead to water damage, property destruction, business breaks, expensive repairs, and other problems, like, for example, mold. More details about problems caused by pipes freeze you may find below.

Water Damage

The first and obvious result of pipes freeze is the burst in them. Some people are sure that bursts happen in places with the ice blockage, but they’re wrong in their assumptions. The majority of bursts happened between the blockage and the closed faucet, meaning right inside your house. The water leakage happened can be slow or fast damaging your property respective slowly or faster. The time spent for identification and leakage eliminating defines whether it will be enough to perform minor cleanup or you’ll need to involve a professional restoration company to handle the damage.

Complex Property Restoration Process

If you failed to remove the leakage in a short period, the water damage can destroy lots of your property leading to the complex and expensive property restoration process. The water damage problem comes down to its ability to go through surfaces ruining them from the inside. So even if you face clean waterflood the restoration process may require carpets replacement, floor replacement, drywall replacement, and other vulnerable parts, making the house unfit for living and spending many days away from home. So please ensure your pipes are protected from freezing.

Mold Growth

Mold appearance is a common phenomenon related to water damage because it chooses the humid warm places for breeding. So the pipes burst creates perfect conditions for its growth.

This is why the essential step during water damage restoration is to dry the premises and regulate the humidity level properly. A wise decision would be to conduct a professional mold inspection after any type of water damage happened. Mold represents a serious hazard to the health so time spent for its elimination is a key factor for saving family from diseases it can cause.

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