Appliances as a source of unexpected water damage

Appliances as a source of unexpected water damage

The water damage happened to commercial or residential property usually expected as the result of natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, or flash floods. A less obvious but widespread source causing water damage is appliances breakdowns.

You’ll be surprised but not only the dishwasher or washing machine can bring undesirable water to your property. HVAC systems, freezers, and fridges, water heats often become culprits of water damage. Good news comes down to the fact that appliances breakdowns and caused by them leakage usually don’t bring huge damage, so it is not difficult to handle them. The other side of the problem is that they hardly identifiable, so can remain unnoticed for a long time destroying your property.

Statistics on Water Damage Caused by Appliances Breakdowns

The hidden leakage of the appliance can remain unobserved and ruin the property for a long time. Dome Home Automation provides average amounts of claims caused by different types of water damage from appliances:

  • the average claim for water damage caused by appliance breakdowns is close to $7000 without consideration of utility bill for lost water, which on average can reach 250 gallons per day in case of a 0,125-inch crack in a pipe.
  • insurance statistics show that the average claim caused by water heater breakdown led to water damage is up to $6000;
  • average leakage brought by washing machine costs homeowners up to $5000.

Leakages from appliances malfunctions don’t cause so significant water damage as waterfloods or storms, although still have too expensive costs for repairs and cannot be ignored.

How to Prevent Water Damage from Appliances Malfunctions

Of course, it’s impossible to predict appliance breakdowns and protect it from malfunctions, but the purpose of taking preventing measures is to minimize or prevent significant water damage, which makes the task achievable. In these regards, Signature Water and Fire Restoration experts prepared several tips for you:

Make frequent inspections. Discuss regular inspections and maintenance schedules with your plumber and follow the schedule.

Take care of hoses. Leakages from washing machines or dishwashers can be avoided by regular replacement of hoses, which deteriorate periodically.

Act quickly. If you noticed the leakage turn the water off as soon as possible, so you can decrease potential damage. Ensure your family is acknowledged with this rule and follows it.

Leakage Identification Tips

As was mentioned above the appliance leakages are often difficult to identify, which is a key danger from them, because they can make the destroying process long-lasting. Still, there’re some signs to pay attention to identify the leakage and eliminate it:

Explore the water bill. Are there any unusual increases? It might be a sign that shows the leakage.

Explore the water meter. Determine the period over which the water will not be used and reconcile numbers at the water meter at the start and the end of this period. If numbers are not the same, there might be leakage.

Contact a plumber. If you have any leakage suspecting, the best and the most reliable way to confirm it is to call a professional, who can inspect the problem. Still don’t have contacts of reliable plumbing team? Call at +1-224-515-0100 for the best service in Illinois from Signature Water and Fire Restoration!

React Promptly by Calling to Professional Plumbing Team

When it comes to water leakage from appliances excessive waiting leads to significant water damage. Call professionals as soon as possible to minimize possible destruction. Signature Water and Fire Restoration team works for you 24/7 and will send certified technicians to save you anytime you need it!