Preparing for Fire Hazards during Holiday Season

Preparing for Fire Hazards during Holiday Season

It’s easy to miss the danger while having fun with family and friends who came to your place on holiday to taste turkey or wish Merry Christmas to you. This danger often comes from extra loaded home appliances, HVAC, and plumbing systems by an unusually high number of people inside the house. The additional load of all systems leads to an increase in the risk to have water damage, fire damage, or other unpleasant emergencies.

What can really spoil your feast is a leaking toilet, pipes bursts, overflowed sewage, which is considered to be the most common problems experienced during the holiday season. To save you all of these Signature Water and Fire Restoration team proposes 5 useful tips to follow.

Appliances Wisdom Usage

When people stay at your place for a long time it’s natural they will need to use some of the appliances. It’s possible to get regular offers to help with the dishwasher, asks for help with laundering, or face changes to HVAC system settings according to the preferences of each stayed guest. Selection of wrong intense modes may lead to short circuits or other malfunctions connected with leaks or floods.

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There’re 3 main points to follow to avoid breakdowns:

·         Set several rules in using your appliances;

·         Ensure your guests are aware of them;

·         If possibly do the majority of respective action by yourself or at least control appliances usage in your house.

Perform Simple Preventions

When you wait for your guests’ visit spend some time on leakage and flood prevention measures. Replace all old hoses on the washing machine and dishwasher with new ones, as they are the most common reason for water losses happening to homeowners. It’s a good idea to develop a maintenance schedule and enter it in the calendar to have regular reminders on the necessity to check hoses and replace them and avoid malfunctions in the future.

Smart Devices

Installing a smart electronic tool alarming about any contact with water may help you to prevent floods and leakages. Water detection devices help to notice any unusual moisture change and inform with the sound the homeowner about this. They are extremely effective in case they were installed close to toilets and sinks, dishwashers and washing machines, heaters, and HVACs. Having them installed allows to prevent floods and avoid water damage that happened to the property.

Water Pressure Check

Uncontrolled high pressure in the pipes leads to their bursts and waterfloods. It can be simply avoided by purchasing a specific water pressure gauge at any local hardware store and setting it to the outside of faucets. Turning water on the full force will allow measuring its pressure which in the normal case should be in the range between 40-70 psi. If the indicators exceed the normal range it’s a good idea to install a pressure regulator bought in the same store. All described preventive measures are better to perform before guests’ arrival, so their desire to wash hands or take a shower will not bring any inconveniences.

Necessary Plumbing Protocols

As more people use your shower and toilet as the more heavy load is made to your sewer line. If obvious protocols were not followed it leads to clogs and overload of sewer systems, which in its turn leads to toilet water accumulation and pipes bursts. Such issues are always related to mess, unsanitary waterfloods, contamination, water damage, and health hazards.

As a homeowner, you should know how sensitive your plumbing system is to clogs and to loads. To avoid such undesirable events just warn your guests on possible aftermath and ask to be careful and quick taking a shower or making other sanitary procedures.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration team know how valuable is time spent with family and how important it is to not have any problems during this time. We sincerely hope our tips will be helpful. Nevertheless, if you experience some unexpected issue, call our technicians at +1-224-515-0100 and we’ll resolve the problem for you in the shortest time! We work 24/7 for you and will come with help any time you need.