Facts about Hurricanes You Must Know

Facts about Hurricanes You Must Know

The hurricane considered one of the most terrifying disasters. It can destroy villages in a matter of hours with its strong winds, stormy rains, causing lots of flying debris and huge flood damage. This is why property owners from coastal regions are afraid of them and try to take all precautions for mitigating aftermaths.

It’s never too late to prepare and get ready for the upcoming hurricanes. Nevertheless, before any actions are taken to avoid negative results the subject of matter should be thoroughly learned.

Things to Be Discovered Before Preparation for the Hurricanes

The World Meteorological Organization makes annual forecasts for the upcoming hurricane’s seasons which usually take place from June to December with a number of expected storms and hurricanes, possible locations, and strength. Learn it to plan your activities accordingly.

Storms which has the wind speed higher than 75 miles per hour are considered to be a hurricane of the first category. In total there’re 5 categories of hurricanes depending on wind’s speed:

  • 1st category has winds developing the speed about 75-95 miles per hour;
  • 2nd category has winds developing the speed about 96-100 miles per hour;
  • 3d category has winds developing the speed about 111-129 miles per hour;
  • 4th category has winds developing the speed about 130-156 miles per hour;
  • 5th category has winds developing the speed higher than 156 miles per hour.

Depending on the hurricane’s category different types of damage can appear:

  • 1 category brings minimal damage with minor gutter damage, roof leakage, and other insignificant breaks;
  • 2 category brings moderate damage. Experiencing 2 category hurricane may lead to significant siding and roof damage;
  • 3 category brings devastating damage. You’ll find fallen uprooted bushes and trees, power outages, and significant property damage after it;
  • 4 category brings catastrophic damage. It may lead to roof and walls destruction, long-lasting power outages, and many broken trees;
  • 5 category brings total destruction making suffered location uninhabitable for a long time.

The majority of hurricanes bring those types of damage that can be restored and which can be minimized with a proper action plan of preparation. If you’re waiting for a hurricane and experienced with it, don’t hesitate to call Signature Water and Fire Restoration team at +1-224-515-0100. We’ll come as soon as possible and bring you normal life in an extremely short period.