Getting the Flood Warning: What to Do?

Getting the Flood Warning: What to Do?

In spite of the fact, the hurricanes become more predictable over time with modern equipment and technology, there’s still a probability to get the warning at the last moment. Chances to get prepared and save the property from the damage are small and the first thing to take care of should be the family, close people, and their health. In these regards, the following advice might be helpful.

Listen to Radio and Monitor-News

The first thing to do is to assess the risk areas and possible evacuation routes. The local government bodies, as well as National Weather Service, make a regular notification about changes in forecasts and locations where the most severe disaster is waiting, shelters, and general recommendations to keep safe. Some of such recommendations are:

  • don’t waste time in vain and prepare for leaving the dangerous location:
    • ensure the toolkit is ready, contains documents, cash, medicine, warm clothes, and some food;
    • turn-off the electricity and gas supply, make sure all appliances are plugged off;
    • check windows and doors are tightly closed;
    • if possible, remove all items from the yard to avoid the damage to the house made by these items thrown by the wind;
  • avoid driving through flood water;
  • do not contact the water as it can be highly contaminated;
  • don’t put yourself in danger making photos;
  • stay away from electrical wires;
  • register at the shelter and monitor news regarding the information when it will be safe to go back home.

How to Come Back Home Safely


Even if it seems that the house wasn’t damaged by water, don’t hurry up to get inside, cause it can be dangerous. Wait until local services will check everything and will officially confirm the danger is gone. And even afterward, don’t hurry up.

The wisest and safest decision would be to call the local restoration company, so they can check the house for you, help with insurance documents and evaluate the damage. You can also order restoration services, so a professional team will do make everything necessary to make the house safe and comfortable again.

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