Handling Bodily Fluid in a Proper Way

Handling Bodily Fluid in a Proper Way

If the accident happened at the working space or home place and a significant amount of bodily fluid at the place where it happened is noted the call to the professional cleaning and disinfecting company becomes necessary. Otherwise, the fluid can contain hazardous pathogens, diseases (like HIV, Hepatitis, and MRSA), infections, and harmful bacteria. So it becomes very important to take precautions for protecting yourself and close people from the danger brought by the events described above. Even if it seems the deceased haven’t health problems, there’s still probability he was a carrier for some infections and didn’t know about it.

Even for cases that cannot be considered as significant bodily fluid spillage and the amount of it is less than a plate the simple precautions still should be applied, because harmful bacteria and pathogens still can be dangerous. The safe cleanup procedure for bodily fluid is described by Signature Water and Fire Restoration and provided below.

Use Personal Protection Equipment

Before cleaning and disinfection of surfaces from the bodily fluid which still has chances to be splashed ensure you have the following equipment and wear it respectively during the process:

  • Gumboots;
  • Disposable waterproof gloves;
  • Safety goggles;
  • Suit or coveralls which are also waterproof;
  • Towels, which are disposable and made of cloth;
  • Disinfectant with a broad spectrum of kill claim;
  • Specific bags for biohazard with manifest and approved labels.

For cases when the bodily fluid has been dried and has no chances to be splashed it will be enough to use disposable gloves together with safety goggles.

Handling Different Types of Bodily Fluids

The bodily fluids that could be cleaned up are vomit, blood, and feces. Simple steps and rules to be followed while handling with them are as follows:

  • Use the personal protective equipment;
  • Use disposable cloth towels for soaking up of fluids and dispose of them in a biohazard bag, which is appropriately marked;
  • Apply the disinfectant with the broad spectrum of kill claim at the affected areas and materials. Give it time for curing, but make sure you have good ventilation in that area;
  • Apply disposable cloth towels for the areas with disinfectant scrubbing it from outside to inward;
  • If needed, and not all fluid was removed, repeat the actions described above;
  • When the cleaning is over ensure you have no fluid splashes at your body, including back;
  • Carefully wash hands and arms under the warm water applying disinfectant soap;
  • Dispose of all personal protective equipment used and tools applied with the biohazard bag;
  • Consult with the local health department regarding proper disposal of the biohazard bags with materials used during cleaning.
  • In case the incident happened at the working place report it to respective regulators.

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