Helpful Tips to Prepare for Storms and Hurricanes

Helpful Tips to Prepare for Storms and Hurricanes

Everyone knows how terrible can be aftermaths after a storm or hurricane, but unfortunately, not everyone knows how they can prepare themselves, their family, pets, and property for such a disaster. Probably all of the American citizens still remember one of the worst hurricanes for the last century that hit the eastern coast of the U.S. and even Atlantic Canada. This tropical storm was one of the worst not only in wind speed parameters but also because of significant damages for all types of property and economic loses that it left behind.

But al homeowners need to remember that even storms and hurricanes with lower than five categories are able to cause damages to your residential property and it will take a lot of time, money, and nerves to restore all of them.

Of course, no one is able to stop a hurricane or storm, but everyone is able to prepare themselves to protect their family, pets, and residential property. Moreover, homeowners should perform such a preparation in advance, because in case of hurricanes or storm already coming, it may be just not enough for it.

Helpful tips to prepare yourself for a storm or hurricane can be easily found below:

  • Create an emergency plan. Such a plan needs to be created in advance and should include all of the most necessary components, such as a list of emergency phone numbers, make sure that all of your family members know how exactly storm alert sirens sound like, find out locations of all of the nearest shelters and so on.
  • Prepare your emergency kit that should include all of the necessary supplies, such as water and food for at least 3 days per person, medicine and first aid items, products for personal care, sleeping bags, fire extinguisher, flashlights, batteries, battery-powered radio, and so on. Such an emergency kit needs to be always packed, checked, and on hand.
  • Find out and explain to all of your family members information about all possible evacuation routes. In case you understand that level of danger is high enough to leave the city and you have enough time for it, you need to know the best and safest routes for it. In case you cannot leave the city, find out all addresses of all of the nearest shelters and the best and safest routes to them, or just at home and keep all of your family members inside in the safest premise of the house.

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