How to Identify Wall and Ceiling Water Leaks to Save Yourself from Expensive Repair of Damaged Area

How to Identify Wall and Ceiling Water Leaks to Save Yourself from Expensive Repair of Damaged Area

Do you know what kind of residential property damage is the most frequent and common? The answer is water damage. Moreover, it is also one of the most frequent and common for commercial property also. And it is natural, because you use a water-based appliance and plumbing system every single day, so something may go wrong one day. And the most unpleasant thing that such water damage may require expensive repair and may even cause issues with your health.

So let’s see how can you identify such water leaks that are localized to the walls or the ceiling. There are several symptoms and signs that will be able to help you to identify the plumbing leak before the damage will become critical and too expensive to repair. So please read carefully the information below.

Signs That Will Help You to Identify Wall and Ceiling Water Leak

  • The first sign that can be identified is earthy and musty smells. Such unpleasant and strong odor from one of the walls or ceiling in your residential house will help you to understand that there is a water leak that already caused the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • The second sign that you still can see on your ceiling or walls, but it can let you know that something already went wrong with your plumbing system, is a rising amount in your bill for water supply. There is why it is important to compare amounts from your monthly bills for water supply. And if you noticed a significant rise in this amount, it may be caused by a water leak in your house.
  • The third sign is already about visual wall and ceiling damages. If we talking about the walls damaged by water leak, it may look like the following: unexplained stains on the wall, peeling paint, or a dirty wall. If we are talking about the ceiling water leak damage, the visual sign of it may look like a circular wet stain with the water dripping in the center of it.
  • The fourth sign is also visual and may help you to identify wall damaged by water leak, it is warped walls. In the case of water leak in the wall, the drywall will start to curve and bend because of soaking moisture and water from the leak. It will cause the wall warping that may lead your house to structural damage and high-costly reparation works. In case such a thing happened, it is better to replace the whole damaged materials.
  • The fifth sign is about visual damage caused by the water leak localized to the ceiling and it is sagging ceiling. In case of a long-time ceiling water leak, the weight of this water may cause a ceiling to sag. It happens because the materials in your ceiling lose their structural integrity.

Calculating the Cost of Reparation Works in Case of Hidden Water Leak

In the case of hidden water leaks in the walls or ceiling, your local restoration company will not be able to provide you with a concrete amount, because it is just impossible. The quote that you will receive will be based on the exploration of a few key factors that will affect the total price. These key factors include the following:

  • The source of a water leak;
  • The area of water damage;
  • The extent of water damage;
  • Materials required for restoration works;
  • The labor that needs to be involved in restoration works.

In any case, before any restoration works begin, you will get a quote with the total price and list of works. So you can approve them or deny.

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