How to Keep Your Holiday Home Clean and Safe During Lockdown?

How to Keep Your Holiday Home Clean and Safe During Lockdown?

Do you have a second or holiday home? If so, you probably choose one of them to live during the pandemic, and especially during the lockdown. Nobody would like to risk their health and life, but also nobody would like to risk their property condition. Because while your second home standing empty for a long time and you do not know when you will be able to go and check it, there may be some damage caused by damp, water, mold, and even potential contamination by a coronavirus.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many owners try to offer their second houses for rent. But due to the lockdown and isolation, this option did not work anymore.

So such owners of more than one residential property need to choose in what house they will spend pandemic and hope that the property they left empty will be still in good condition when they will be able to move through the country freely and without significant risk for their health.

But what if we tell you that there is a solution for such an issue and you do not need to worry about your vacant property? It becomes true because of professional cleaners from Signature Water and Fire Restoration, that take care of your vacant property and keep it clean and safe for you and all of your family members. Moreover, in case of some damp, water, or mold damage, our restoration specialists will be able to take care of these issues immediately to prevent further damages.

Cleaning Services for Holiday Homes

As we already mentioned above, holiday homes, as well as other vacant residential and commercial property, have been left vacant and empty. Such empty property unfortunately can easily become a victim of damp, water, mold damage, and even coronavirus contamination.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration specialists can offer deep cleaning and disinfection for all of the areas and items in your residential or commercial property. Such works will ensure you that your property is one hundred percent clean and safe even after a long time that it stands empty.

The main sources of danger are damp, water, and mold. All of them are connected and usually comes one by one. For example, it may start with a small leak from the pipe or roof that increases the level of moisture and can easily cause mold growth. In case the property is empty and no one can notice the issue it becomes worse and worse. A small leak can become bigger and cause flooding that can damage flooring, walls, ceiling, furniture, building structures, and so on.

A similar case may happen with electrical wiring that may cause a fire and further significant damage to the property. And thoughts about all of these possible dangers make the period of pandemic even worse for the owners. That is why it is so important to have a company which able to provide you with a full range of necessary services in such hard times.

Such services include the following:

  • Tracing leaks from the pipelines, water appliance, and so on to fix it in case of noticing and avoid water damage to your property;
  • A full range of restoration works of all items, surfaces, structures, and so on after water and fire damage;
  • A full range of works for mold remediation and restoration of affected areas and items;
  • Deep cleaning services, including anti-virus cleaning and decontamination, to make sure that your property looks not only clean but also totally disinfected and safe for all of the visitors.

Hire Professionals from Signature Water and Fire Restoration

In case your residential or commercial property in Illinois requires deep cleaning and decontamination works, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration. Our specialists will help you to solve almost any issue to keep your property clean and safe, no matter the property standing empty for a long time or you live there. Contact us to get more information. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.