How to Keep Your Backyard Patio Clean?

How to Keep Your Backyard Patio Clean?

Because of the pandemic, many people in 2020 are left with the usual vacation in summer. Most families had to stay at home and use their backyard as the only available place to sit in the sun and get a suntan. Seems like such a simple pleasure has never been so appreciated. But they are another side to the coin. The more time people spend at their backyard patio, the more they understand how much the patio requires a thorough cleaning.

In such a case the most comfortable solution will be to hire professionals from Signature Water and Fire Restoration who will make your backyard patio looks clean and brand new again, so you will be able to continue enjoying warm days. But in case you have enough free time and energy for doing such cleaning by yourself, below you will be able to find a list of useful and helpful steps.

Of course, if you have a pressure washer it is much easier to perform a high standard cleaning process of your backyard patio. In this case, you will just need to make everything in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

In case you do not have such a pressure washer but still would like to try to perform cleaning by yourself, the following steps will be more than helpful.

List of Useful Steps of Backyard Patio Cleaning Process

The first step: Weeds removing

No matter how clean will be the slabs of your backyard patio, but if there are weeds growing around their edges and through gaps, your patio will never look clean and well maintained. This step needs to be done at the beginning of the cleaning process because otherwise, weeds may spread plant residue and mud across the patio and make everything even worse.

It is necessary to remove weeds from the root because otherwise, they will grow back really fast. Also do not forget to wear gloves to avoid stings and prickles.

The second step: Cleaning solution preparing

There are many options of professional cleaning products that you easily can find on the internet or even in the supermarket, but their prices may be too high. That is why we recommend preparing such a solution by yourself mixing simple soap and warm water in some bucket or a large bowl.

The third step: Cleaning solution applying

Pour the solution onto the area of the patio you would like to clean. In case you would like to add some chemicals to the solution to get a better result, we recommend testing such a solution on a small piece of the area and checking for damage before using it for all patio.

The fourth step: Scrubbing

Once your solution is already on the surface of your backyard patio, use a brush to create a lather and start scrubbing. Choose the brush that will fit the material of your patio. We can only recommend a yard brush or long-handled broom to minimize the pain on your back.

It will be really hard work but the result will worth it for sure. Brush scrubbing not only cleans the surface’s material of the patio but also preventing weeds from reemerging.

The fifth step: Rinsing off the lather and dirt

Since you scrubbed the patio with a brush and lifted up the dirt from the surface, the next step that needs to be done is rinsing off all of the lifted dirt and lather. Once you did it, your backyard patio should look clean and shiny. If the result does not satisfy you and the patio still looks not good enough, you will need to let the surface dry and do steps from second to fifth one more time.

The sixth step: Let professionals do their job

 As we mentioned above, without professional equipment or at least a simple pressure washer it is very hard and almost impossible to get a perfect result. So do not blame yourself if you repeat the 2-5 steps a few times and the result is still not good enough.

The best option in such a case will be to hire professional cleaners from Signature Water and Fire Restoration and let them make your patio looks shiny and brand new again.

Our specialists have significant experience in professional cleaning of different size patios, from the smallest residential backyard patio to the large industrial. We have all of the special equipment and solution for every type of surface’s materials and use the best practices and techniques for each cleaning process. Call us to get more information. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.