Keep Safe From Winter Fires

Keep Safe From Winter Fires

Winter has come together with short daylight hours, cold temperatures, and winds. Thus, the heating and fireplaces times came as well, which are considered to be the source of the majority of winter fires.

To keep your family and yourself out of hazards several essential tips on fire safety must be followed. Being experts in fire restoration Signature Water and Fire Restoration team shares them with you.

Fire Safety As Itself

Any precautions that are taken in order to reduce or remediate the risk of a fire, fire damage, or health hazards from the fire is considered as fire safety. These measures are also aimed to help people threatened by fire to evacuate and survive with no significant fire damaged caused to them or their property.         

Essential Fire Safety Measures

  • If you use heaters or a fireplace ensure all flammable items are at least 3 feet away from them.
  • It’s a good idea to limit access to heaters and fireplaces for children and keep it at least 3 feet.
  • Never heat your home with an oven.
  • Be careful with fuel, ensure you use only certified fuel of the proper type depending on the heating appliances.
  • Install smoke alarms and keep them in good condition. Test them regularly.
  • Your portable heaters must be always turned off before you leave the room or go sleeping.
  • For fireplaces, the screen for open fires should be installed. It’s a good investment to avoid bursting into flames debris.

Following the listed above precautions allows you to have no worries regarding fire safety and enjoy winter and holiday together with family and close friends.

When You Faced a Fire Damage

If you failed to follow the recommendations from the previous paragraph or found them too late it’s rather possible you need fire damage restoration advice or service.

Signature Water and Fire Restoration has proper expertise and experience to let you come back to normal life quickly. We’ll make a cleanup, remove soot, smoke and debris and perform necessary restoration if required. Call us at +1-224-515-0100 anytime day and night and our technicians with professional equipment will come to save you.