Making the Kitchen Shiny: Professional Cleaning Tips

Making the Kitchen Shiny: Professional Cleaning Tips

To look at the kitchen after the holidays may be stressful. Christmas and Thanksgiving may take many efforts for cooking for dear guests and much more effort to cleaning afterward. Grease spots at surfaces, dirty oven, an extractor fan in the kitchen with traces of active cooking compose a non-exhaustive cleaning list. The signature Water and Fire Restoration team prepared several professional tips to help you finish cleaning in a short period and with fewer efforts.

Vinegar Is Good Tool to Fight the Grease

Apply to the surface suffered from grease the mixture from 20% of white vinegar and 80% of water and leave it for a while. Remove the dirt with a sponge or rag and rinse a couple of times with water.

Soda against Grease

Another way to remove grease from the oven is to apply a special paste made of 3-4 tablespoons of soda and 200-300 ml of water. Rub the affected area with this hand-made stain remover and rinse with water a couple of times.

The only thing to remember is to avoid using this solution on metallic or chrome surfaces, as it can leave scratches.

Even a Sugar Soap Can Help to Get Rid of Grease

10% of sugar soap mixed with 90% water can also help to remove greasy stains from the kitchen and make it shine again. Don’t forget to rinse with water the applied surface.

An Easy and Quick Solution for Kitchen Cleaning

Many people don’t want to darken a holiday with a thorough cleaning after it. Some of them don’t have enough time for that. Others prefer to have ideally cleaned corners and surfaces, which is difficult to do by yourself. For all such cases, the best decision is to involve a team of professional cleaners. Having special equipment they can deliver impressive results in a very short period without matter whether commercial or residential kitchen requires treatment.

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