Special Complex Cleaning Services for Hotels

Special Complex Cleaning Services for Hotels

Hotel is a comprehensive business that includes rooms, kitchen, restaurants, bars, spa complexes, swimming pools, and so on. And all of these areas require a certain approach, techniques, and detergents to keep everything look shiny and perfect.

Of course, if the hotel owner would like to find these approaches and detergents by himself, it is possible but it takes so much time. And as we all know owner or manager should spend his or her time on more strategic tasks.

That is why Signature Water and Fire Restoration would like to offer all of the hotels and restaurants in Illinois a wide range of services that can easily cover all needs related to cleaning.

Below you will be able to find a few complex services that we can provide.

General Cleaning Before Opening

No matter is it opening of a new hotel or just a new wing of it, a new restaurant or lobby bar, in any case, first visitors should get a wow effect when they see a shiny new part of the hotel. That is why general cleaning before opening is crucial. Because no matter how much money it costs to repair the premises, to buy all of the furniture and equipment, a cloud of dust or stains on the surfaces will ruin all that has been done before. Would you like to be one hundred percent sure that every surface and item looks clean and shiny? Let our team help you with it.

Kitchen Cleaning

Do you know that thousands of visitors are injured in American restaurants and hotels every year because of kitchen fires? And the most common reason for such fires is dirt, fat deposits, rubbish settlements, and so on. It shows how important is deep kitchen cleaning that performed on a regular basis.

Ventilation Cleaning

Regular cleaning of ventilation ducts is an absolutely required process for every building, and especially hotel and restaurant. That helps to:

  • Keep the building hygienic;
  • Maintain the correct temperature in premises and rooms;
  • Avoid unpleasant odors.

Odor Controls

If we already mentioned avoiding unpleasant odors, let’s explore this question thoroughly. Sometimes the reason for such an odor is obvious, for example, blocked ventilation ducks or sink drain. But sometimes it is hard to identify the reason for the unpleasant odor. And the longer you are trying to find it, the more visitors will smell it. That is why our specialists will be able to find the reason and fix it as soon as possible to avoid visitors’ complaints.

Trauma Scene Cleaning

Unfortunately, it is an unpleasant part of any hotel management. Trauma scenes may cause biohazardous waste that requires thorough professional cleaning, decontamination, and disinfection process. Our specialists have all of the necessary knowledge, experience, and detergents for such tasks.

In case you are the owner or manager of a hotel or restaurant in Illinois and would like to find a professional cleaning partner that will be able to cover all of your needs in this sphere and meet all of your requirements, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.