Saving Upholstery from Dirt

Saving Upholstery from Dirt

Living-room furniture often suffers from stains of different origins. Spots of sauces, hot chocolate or an ice-cream, dirt from shoes or pets can negatively affect the furniture’s appearance. Happily, it can be easily fixed. Signature Water and Fire Restoration prepared several working tips for cleaning upholstery at home making it look shiny and clean as a new one.

1. Prepare the Surface

  • Take off all the coverages and cushions from the cleaning object.
  • Ensure no foreign objects, like lost change or sweet wrappers, left on sides or back.
  • Apply the special brushes for vacuum cleaner depending on the sofa’s material – the fabric should be cleaned with standard attachments, while leather requires a gentle brush to prevent scratching.
  • Clean the sofa from the debris.

Please ensure edges are carefully cleaned with a crevice tool, seams and cushions were processed with the hoover, and no dirt or dust was left there.

2. Learn the Recommendations

Every type of material has recommendations on maintenance and clearing. The required information is usually given on the label, which should be mandatory checked before applying any chemicals or solutions to it. The following legend is used:

  • “W” – means that the water-based solutions only can be used;
  • “S” or “P” – means that only dry-clean is allowed;
  • “WS” or “SW” marks give more options like solvents, water-based solutions, steam cleaning;
  • “X” – only professional cleaning, no domestic chemicals allowed.

3. Local Spots Removal

The popular method to get rid of spots from a fabric sofa is to apply vinegar solution. It is considered to be a natural stain-remover, which rarely can damage the upholstery. Prepare the mix of vinegar and water (50% to 50%) and apply it to the dirt, then remove it with the clean microfiber rag.

Additionally, the mix of light detergent and cold water can be used to remove the remaining stains, if any, and vinegar odor. The final step just to leave it for drying. The golden rule of fighting stains is to remove them as soon as they appeared, in such a way the process will be much easier and quicker.

4. Odors

Sometimes the furniture with no dirt, which is looking clean, maybe still far from fresh. The root cause may be explained by pets, odors from the kitchen, or from outside. Happily, the easy way to change it exists. Just cover the surface with soda bicarbonate and leave it for 10-12 hours. Then gather it with a vacuum cleaner. No soda and no odors, which have been absorbed by it!

Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring a cleaning team is also a way to forget about dirt and odors on the furniture and any kind of domestic upholstery. It can save time and help to handle some difficult cases. The Signature Water and Fire Restoration team has huge experience in cleaning and is ready to consult you 24/7. Don’t waste time and call our experts for help!