Potential Water Damage from Common Water-Based Appliances

Potential Water Damage from Common Water-Based Appliances

There is no homeowner who would like to face such an issue as water damage to his residential house, isn’t it? Of course, it is. But your home is full of plumbing systems and water-based appliances. Moreover, all of these appliances are very important for you and your family and you use them very often during your everyday life. But you need to be aware, that each of them may cause a water leak and damage one day.

You need to understand this risk and perform a regular check out of each of the water-based appliances to prevent water leaks. The best will be to make a list of all such appliances and plans of their checks on a regular basis.

Common Appliances that May Be the Reason of Water Leak

Below you will find a list of common appliances that you surely have in your residential house. All of them may become the reason for water damage one day. Because all of them supply water and have hoses that are not tough enough to not burst and cause a water leak one day.

Here is a list of these appliances:

  • Washing machine. Everyone knows that water leaks from a washing machine can be very serious and damaging. The reasons for such leak can be the following:
    • The damage of the pump;
    • The damage of seal;
    • The damage of gasket;
    • The damage of hose connections.
  • Dishwasher. Due to the significant volume of water, a leak from the dishwasher can be as damaging as flooding. The reasons for such leak can be the following:
    • Issues with a detergent such as the wrong type or just too much of it;
    • Malfunctions in dishwasher work.
  • Refrigerator. You know that your refrigerator produces cold, but do you know that it leads the production of a lot of moisture also? Every time when you open the refrigerator door, warm air gets inside and passes over the condenser coil. It leads to the accumulation of moisture at the bottom and leaks it out.
Potential Water Damage from Common Water-Based Appliances

How to Avoid Such Water Damage?

Here is a list of helpful and useful tips that will avoid you from water damage:

  • Since the drain trap in your washing machine may clog up with grime and grit from your clothing, what may be the reason of water leak, you need to be careful and find a time to clean it out at least once per year;
  • Since the filter in your dishwasher needs to be cleaned out also to prevent water leaks, please find a time for it also. Happily, it needs to be done once per year only;
  • Since the condenser coil in your refrigerator may be the reason for a water leak, especially when the weather is warm, you need to be careful with it also and clean it out before such a warm time of year. Moreover, cleaning out the condenser coil will help you to lower the amount in your monthly bill for electricity supply.

Be careful and do not let your water-based appliances become the reason for a serious water leak and damage. But in case it happened, please feel free to call Signature Water and Fire Restoration and our specialists will help you to fight this issue effectively and fast. Our phone number is 1-224-515-0100, call us!