Professional Cleaning for Your Commercial Kitchen Before Christmas

Professional Cleaning for Your Commercial Kitchen Before Christmas

Mostly this article is relevant for such businesses as restaurants and hotels, which have a really busy period on winter holidays and especially on Christmas.

Moreover, this period probably one of the most important for restaurants and hotels, because holidays bring many new visitors and the main goal of any business is to make them happy continuous clients. That is why everything needs to be on the highest level and especially food.

So the kitchen needs to be clean and hygienic to make sure that every dish for every client will be perfect. Moreover, it helps to provide all of your cooks and waiters with a great environment for work. That is why all successful restaurants and hotels booking thorough cleaning services for their commercial kitchen before Christmas.

The Necessity of Hygienic Environment on Your Commercial Kitchen

According to The Health and Safety at Work Act passed in 1974, all restaurants and hotels must have and demonstrate their protocols of cleaning, especially it relevant for the kitchen where the hygienic environment is the most important thing because of cooking dishes for visitors.

So in case your restaurant or hotel can show the schedule of regular thorough cleanings performs by professional companies, it will be a great advantage for your business.

What Professional Kitchen Cleaning Process Includes?

  • Of course, such cleaning services include grease removal from all of the surfaces on the kitchen that affected by it. Professional specialists from Signature Water and Fire Restoration will use special chemicals as well as steam cleaning to solve such an issue. Because in case of absence of deep thorough cleaning this grease collects dust and dirt what makes your kitchen unsuitable for commercial cooking.
  • Despite common opinion, the professional cleaning process for commercial kitchens includes not only grease removal. And the next step is carbonized liquids and food removal. Without the relevant deep cleaning, these foods and liquids can become a reason for fumes that can harm your employees’ health. Moreover, such fumes can cause a fire. That is why all of the dishwashers, kettles, and urns need to be cleaned from a scale.
  • One more important step of a thorough commercial kitchen cleaning process is the cleaning of the kitchen ducts. All ducts on your commercial kitchen need to be in great conditions to ensure that environment in the kitchen is hygienic and safe for all employees.

In case you think that this process is too comprehensive and hard, it is. But it is necessary to be sure that your restaurant or hotel provides its visitors and employees with a hygienic and safe environment.

Happily, the Signature Water and Fire Restoration team has all of the necessary knowledge and successful practical experience, as well as professional equipment and chemicals to provide you with the best cleaning services for your commercial kitchen.

So in case your restaurant or hotel in Illinois requires deep thorough cleaning services, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration and let our specialists do their job. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.