The Necessity of Booking an After Construction Works Cleaning Services

The Necessity of Booking an After Construction Works Cleaning Services

Every person who at least once in his or her life faced their residential house or apartment renovation including construction works knows how much dust and dirt left after such works. Even if you have the tidiest and the most careful specialists, anyway they will not be able to perform construction works without dust that will be everywhere and will land in the most inappropriate places and surfaces.

Of course, you can try to perform the cleaning process after construction by yourself, but it will be much harder comparing to the usual cleaning process to get the desired result. The dust and dirt after construction works get deep inside of materials and can stay there for a long time. That is why it will be a more wise decision to entrust such work to a team of professionals, such as Signature Water and Fire Restoration.

Why You Should Call Professionals?

Any type of construction works is messy and left a lot of dirt after it. Even if you have never faced untidy painters or plasters, you can easily imagine what their areas look like after the job is done. Moreover, the mess becomes bigger and bigger during the renovation, but you can do nothing with it. Because there is no sense to clean up the area every evening if in the morning it will be dirty again. That is why after days, weeks, or even months of construction works, you will have a deal with the huge mess.

Sometimes it is even better to leave the area for a couple of days to let all of the dust settle and only then start a big cleaning.

In case you think that renovated area will look great even without a thorough cleaning, you need to think one more time. Because the smell of dust and spots of dirt left after construction workers will ruin all of the impression.

Necessary Preparation for Such a Cleaning

Fortunately, there are not so many things that you need to do before hiring professional cleaning specialists, namely:

  • Make sure that all works are completed;
  • Make sure that there is no building debris or any other rubbish.

Professional After Construction Works Cleaning Includes…

This type of cleaning process is probably one of the most thorough because it includes all of the following works:

  • Exterior cleaning, which includes cleaning of facials of the building, paintwork, external gutters, balconies, paving, and so on;
  • High-level fittings cleaning, which includes extractor fans, lighting fitting, and so on;
  • Windows cleaning, which includes washing windows and all other glazings to make them clean and shiny by wiping with a microfibre cloth;
  • Cabinets, cupboards, and shelves cleaning, which includes outside and inside cleaning of all of them in every area you need, such as rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and so on;
  • Sanitary ware cleaning, which includes a thorough cleaning of all bathroom fitting to make it looks shiny and brand new;
  • Floors cleaning, which includes our ability to work with any type of flooring materials. Moreover, our specialists have all the necessary knowledge and successful practical experience to use special technics of cleaning for your specific flooring material.

In case your residential or commercial property in Illinois faced renovation including construction works and requires a thorough professional cleaning service, call Signature Water and Fire Restoration and our team of professionals will be glad to help you with such an issue. Here is our 24/7 phone number: 1-224-515-0100.