The Mold Problem in Hotel Room

The Mold Problem in Hotel Room

What can be better during the busy traveling than have some rest in a clean and pleasant hotel room? But this pleasant can be stopped in one moment, the moment when you notice mold there. And what if we tell you that there are numerous such hotel rooms across the country.

So if you are the owner of a hotel, you need to understand your responsibility to your clients and staff to keep your hotel safe and clean for them. Every single room in it should be totally free from mold.

Do Not Ignore the Mold Damage

You, as a hotel owner, cannot ignore the signs of mold damage, because many types of it, and especially black mold, emit harmful toxins into the air, namely mycotoxins, that may cause such issues with health as headache and respiratory problems.

Here is a list of signs that may let you know about mold damage problem:

  • Foul smell. This unpleasant odor of mold can be easily noticed by clients. They just need to make a couple of deep breaths and they will feel it. So even if you do not have this smell in the lobby, because of ventilation, in a closed hotel room it cannot be hidden.
  • Fungus between the grout in the bathroom. It is a well-known fact that the bathroom is the best place for hosting mold. Especially if we are talking about bathrooms in hotel rooms that use so regular. Such a wet and warm environment allows mold to grow there.
  • Significant abnormalities or peeling on the hotel room wallpapers. If you notice such signs in the hotel room it may let you know that there is moisture there, which can lead to mold growth. Moreover, most clients check out hotel room wallpapers and will see such damages for sure, which will affect the reputation of your hotel.
  • Issues with the health of your staff. Always be aware of your employees’ health and if you notice that they start to feel symptoms of mold exposure, take immediate actions to remove the mold from your hotel’s premises. The health symptoms that may let you know about mold damage issues are the following: sneezing, runny nose and so on.
  • Skin itching after using the hotel’s rags, sheets, towels and so on. Everybody knows that wet closing, towels and other fabrics can host mold and it can grow there freely. And many hotel guests used to leave wet towels right on the bathroom’s floor.

Why It Is Better for Hotel Owner to Call Professionals?

There is not a problem to find numerous anti-mold cleaners and devices in every single supermarket nowadays. But most of them can only make the problem even worse. And if you would like to fight the mold damage and remove all of it from your hotel, it will be wise to hire professional specialists with IICRC-certification.

So in case your hotel premises in Illinois faced mold damage, please feel free to call Signature Water and Fire Restoration and our specialists will help you to remove all of it and make your hotel safe and clean again. Our phone number is 1-224-515-0100, call us!